How Do You Find Someone on Fiverr? (Two simple ways)

In this article I am going to show you how you can find someone on Fiverr. I will be covering two scenarios.

  • First one, you know or work with that person earlier on Fiverr and now you would like to find him/her
  • In the second scenario, You are looking for someone on Fiverr to do specific work for you

Now let’s look at the first scenario, where you want to find a known person on Fiverr.

Follow the strategies mentioned below and that should help you to find the person on Fiverr.

Search their Fiverr username

Go to the Fiverr search bar and type the username of the person whom you would like to find.

search the person’s username

Now you will get a message stating that “No services for your search”. Since we are not looking for services and instead of a person by their username, go to the bottom of the message and click, Search usernames for: ‘username’

Click search usernames for link

Now on the next page, you will find the person’s profile. However, if the person is not selling anything, you will not find the person using this method.

Only sellers on Fiverr can be found by searching on Fiverr’s marketplace. If you want to find a buyer then follow the next method mentioned below.

Suffix the username to the URL

You can use this method to find both buyers and sellers on Fiverr. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Go to Fiverr website by typing the URL on your web browser.

Then edit the URL on the bar and add “/”, forward slash followed by username and hit enter.

Sample: “

You have successfully found the person on Fiverr.

Order History

If you are looking for a seller with whom you had worked with earlier then you can find that person from the Order’s tab on your buyer’s dashboard.

To access the order’s tab, log into your Fiverr profile and click the “Orders” menu from the top bar on your dashboard and click “View orders”

Find your previous seller

Now you can go through the order’s list and find the buyer whom you are looking for.

These are the methods that you can use to find someone who you already know on Fiverr.

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Now let’s look at scenario two, where you want to find a perfect person for your job.

You can find the right seller by using any of the different categories or platforms. Fiverr marketplace is divided into different categories which include: Graphic Design, Writing and Translation, Music, and Audio, amongst others.

Under these categories are subcategories that many sellers specialize in.

The Writing and Translation category has Creative writing, Article and Blogposts writing, Book and eBook writing, and more.

To get sellers that are skilled in these fields, business professionals will have to navigate through these categories and subcategories.

In addition to that, Fiverr has specific verticals that help businesses and professionals find the right person to handle their jobs.

You can use these verticals to quickly find the right person for your requirement.

Below is a brief summary of the different verticals.

Fiverr Business

Fiverr Business is somewhat a project management platform where businesses and professionals state their projects and get connected to top talents that can execute them.

Large business ventures or corporations with many departments can use this medium to find remote workers.

Fiverr Pro 

Using Fiverr Pro, businesses can get connected to sellers that are vetted and recommended by Fiverr.

These sellers are seasoned professionals who know their onions in whatever service(s) they are offering.

Therefore, they may charge more than regular sellers.

For instance, you might get a graphic designer to handle your project for $25 from a level 2 seller but Fiverr Pro traders will give you custom and top-notch designs at industry prices.

Fiverr Studios

This is still in the beta stage. This would be a platform where you can search for and gather professional teams to work on a particular project with or without you.

Fiverr Logo Maker

Using Fiverr Logo Maker, businesses can get their logos done in no time at an affordable price without getting a professional logo maker designing one from scratch.

So, you can use any of the above mentioned verticals or strategies to find someone to do the work for you.