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    Sid MJ

    Hey!  I'm Sid.

    A Father, YouTuber, blogger and a part-time affiliate marketer 🙂

    Through this blog, I will be sharing my journey in this world of digital marketing.

    How did I start?

    It was on November 2017, I was browsing around Udemy to find some course that will help me to make money by working from home.

    I came across a course on Shopify and it was very promising and lucrative to not miss out the opportunity. I was told that I could make $10,000 per month with no products of my own. 

    I purchased the course and I started my website on Shopify and tried to drop ship from Ali express. My traffic source was Instagram and I was looking to get sales through shoutouts.

    That is what basically taught to all newbies and I ended up spending couple of dollars and got no sales.

    Then I thought to run my own Instagram accounts and I was spending my whole day in following and unfollowing people which was very tedious. 

    Later I came across this amazing software, which is the best in the market to automate my Instagram accounts.

    I was in the Goth niche and hence I was growing a Harley page as I thought they would love skull stuff.

    harleys and skulls-ig-account

    My first IG account to promote my Shopify store.

    I was getting around 600-700 likes and I thought if I put a link I should make 1 or 2 sales per day but to my surprise I made no sales at all and max I would have made 2 sales per month.

    I was not able to break even for the amount of time and money I spent for the software, shoutouts and Shopify membership.

    At one point I realized that the people who were running shoutouts were making more money than the people who are selling the product.

    That is when I decided to grow Instagram pages and run shoutouts for the Shopify store owners. You wouldn't believe, there were more people asking me to promote their bracelets and earnings which they were dropshipping.

    I was able to make my money back through shoutouts and I had around 3 accounts with hardly 3k followers in each. Still I was making around $100 to $150 every month literally on autopilot.


    One of my IG accounts that I was growing to drive traffic to my shopify store.

    This was going well but I soon understood that this will not help me to quit my job. So, I started watching YouTube videos one after another and gained a lot of knowledge.

    You would be thinking that this time I will have a breakthrough but again there was another big problem I had which was consuming content but not putting anything into action.

    I also had this shiny object syndrome and kept buying courses in Udemy and Warriorplus but the biggest mistake was I didn't put anything into action.

    More importantly, I was not developing any skills which is required for succeeding in affiliate marketing.

    It is not some super cool method that will bring success in affiliate marketing, it is just the right skills and putting things into action.

    While I started to put things into action, I needed some cash flow to keep going. That is when I got an opportunity with Quora to partner with them.

    It was really a great opportunity for me because I had all the ideas to make that work with little to no effort from my side.

    It's been since two months and below are my earnings that I make currently without lifting a finger.

    Quora partner program earnings since two months.

    Watch my latest earnings (July 2019) below and find how you can join the program!

    Cash flow is very important in any business because that will keep your business alive. In our case, it will keep us motivated in this affiliate marketing industry.

    What was my breakthrough?

    I had my breakthrough when I understood what is actually needed to succeed in affiliate marketing. 

    Guess what?


    Traffic is the only thing that is required in affiliate marketing. The more quality your traffic is, the more money you will make.

    The best way to have a quality traffic is to build your own email list of people who know you, like you and trust you. 

    You don't need any super cool trick or hack to succeed in affiliate marketing. It is not about your website name, not about your copy writing skills or your sales page.

    Everything is secondary when you have a quality email list. The more value you provide and focus on your customer results then you don't need to have a copy writing or marketing skills.

    Focus on providing value and  build your email list then everything will come into place and later you shall scale your business by having other components.

    Back to the topic, I had my breakthrough when I built a quality email list and focused on getting results for my students.

    Once I did that then everything became super easy.

     Wish you success!

    Your new friend,