20 Graphic Design Jobs You Can Do And Make Money On Fiverr (In 2021)

In this article, I am going to show you different services that you can offer as a graphic designer on Fiverr and make money from home.

I came up with the list by going through the Fiverr marketplace and analyzing some of the evergreen and trending gigs offered by graphic designers.

My general suggestion would be to niche down on a specific theme or style when creating a Gig. This way you can reduce the competition and get sales quickly. Also, make sure to optimize your Gig title and description to rank in the marketplace.

Now without any further ado, let’s get started.

Graphic design jobs to make money on Fiverr

Here are the jobs that you can do to make money on Fiverr as a graphic designer.

AR Filters And Lenses

Create filters for Instagram and Facebook.

If you have experience working on spark ar studio then creating filters on Fiverr can be a perfect job for you as a graphic designer.

You can make anywhere from $50 to $200 per order on Fiverr.

Graphics For Streamers

Make custom overlays, panel emotes, and logos for streamers. You can also offer gigs targeting a specific streaming platform like Twitch or Mixer.

Business Cards And Stationery

As a graphic designer, you can create business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and other stationery items. Provide files in different formats like JPG, PNG, AI, and PSD to get more job offers on Fiverr.

Podcast Cover Art

Design podcast covers that look as good as voice.

You can create podcast cover art in most sort-out cartoon style and offer it as a gig on Fiverr. In addition to that, you can also create logos and social media posts for podcast promotion.

Logo Design

The market size of logo design is huge and every business understands the importance of having a logo.

You can offer logo design gigs in different styles like minimalistic, 3D, Mascot, hand-drawn, vintage, watercolor, etc.

Brand Style Guides

You can go beyond logo creation and offer brand style guides as a service since there is low competition in the brand style guides category.

Here you will be offering a holistic set of standards like color, typography, logo that will provide a brand identity.

Game Art

Create concept art for games that include 2d game assets, art, props, objects, icons, etc. You can do pixel art tiles creation job.

Designing game posters and YouTube thumbnails for gamers is also a great job that you can offer as a graphic designer on Fiverr.


Offer digital and hand-drawn illustration as a gig. You can create specific illustrations like children’s book illustrations, heavy metal & horror illustrations, illustrations for video games, illustrations of people, line-art illustrations, etc.

Pattern Design

Do a job as a seamless pattern designer and make money on Fiverr.

You can offer pattern design services targeting print-on-demand business owners or focus on a specific theme like geometric patterns, flora patterns, animal patterns, etc.

Brochure Design

Earn money by creating informative brochures and leaflets on Fiverr.

In addition to brochures, you can also offer gigs like whitepaper designs, annual reports, magazines, and lead magnet covers.

Poster Design

Create poster designs for movies, festivals, academics and product advertising and make money on Fiverr.

Choose a specific category, create a gig, do it like a full-time graphic design job and make consistent earnings on Fiverr.

Signage Design

Create a gig on designing billboards and business signage and start making money. Currently, there is very little competition in this category and you can get frequent orders if you start the work Today.

As always, offer your service in a specific niche like digital signage for restaurants.

Party Flyer Design

Make party flyer designs earn money as a freelance graphic designer.

Party flyers are popular and if you knack for that kind of design then you should definitely offer that service on Fiverr.

Book Design

Create book interiors, layouts, worksheets and book covers for the Fiverr audience.

You can also, design lined books with page numbers for Amazon kindle publishers. If you are good at software like InDesign, Affinity Publisher you can also create your own books and publish on Amazon and earn passive income from home.

Album Cover Design

Create album cover, single cover or mixtape cover for aps like Spotify and iTunes.

You can also create a separate gig for marriage album cover as that is one of the frequently searched terms in the album cover creation niche.

Packaging Design

Create a gig on product packaging and label design on Fiverr. People who sell on Amazon can be a good audience to target for this service.

Providing die cut designs can be added as an extra in your Gig to increase the order value of your customers.

Story Boards

As a graphic designer make children’s book story illustrations and earn $5 per character. You can add text to illustrations and offer that as an extra in your Fiverr gig.

You can also upsell storybook covers and your customers are most likely to buy since they already purchased the illustrations for the book interior.

Web And Mobile Design

Design web and mobile app UX prototype. It is one of the highest-paying jobs that you can offer on Fiverr as a graphics designer.

You can earn anywhere from a minimum of $50 to $150 per customer.

Social Media Design

Create Pinterest pins, Instagram or Facebook posts for social media influencers.

I recommend you to create and sell pre-made designs in large quantity as it will be a one-time effort and you can just add your customer’s website or social media handle to each post.

Invitation Design

Make wedding invitation cards, birthday cards, and invitation designs for other celebrations like baby shower, graduation party, etc.

These are the list of jobs that you can do to make money on Fiverr as a graphic designer.