How To Find And Add Tags In Fiverr (Best Search Tag Examples)

Fiverr tags are one of the important factors to help your gig rank well on the Fiverr search results page.

So in this article, I am going to show you how to search for tags and add them to your Fiverr gigs.

In addition to that, I have also provided you a list of tags for some of the most common services offered on Fiverr.

So make sure to read this article till the very end to reap all the benefits.

How do you search tags on Fiverr?

Finding and adding tags to your Fiverr gigs are simple if you take the right approach.

To find the best tags for your Fiverr gig, I recommend the following steps.

Identifying your main tags

You can identify your main tag by searching the service you are offering on the search bar.

For this example, I am going to use data entry.

Top fiverr tags for data entry

After you search, you will find a suggested bar below the header that contains the best Fiverr tags.

In fact, those are the most common gigs offered on Fiverr for that particular category.

So, in the case of the data entry category, my main tags are data entry expert, data scraping, copy-paste, data entry typing work, data mining, data entry work, and data entry jobs.

The idea here is to use these tags to find more relevant tags for your Fiverr gig which we will see in the next step.

Searching for relevant tags

To find relevant tasks we are going to use Fiverr auto complete.

First, pick the jobs that you can do from the list of main tags and paste it on the search bar without hitting enter.

In this case I am going to choose, typing work and data mining.

Typing work tags for Fiverr data entry gig
Data mining tags for Fiverr data entry gig

By looking at the auto suggest, you know know what phrases buyers are using to find gigs on Fiverr.

And you will need to use those phrases as tags on your Fiverr gig so your gigs show up when people search using those phrases.

Finalizing your tags

In Fiverr you can add a maximum of 5 tags per gig so adding highly relevant tags to your gig is very important.

In this case, I will be using the tags, data mining, web scraping data mining, data entry typing work, only ms word typing work, and copy-paste typing work as tags for my data entry gig.

Tip: Naturally use the same phrases you identified in your gig title, gig description and gig image’s file name to optimize your gig.

I hope by now you have an idea on how to search and add tags to your Fiverr gig.

Besides that, I have also provided some of the Fiverr best tags for the most common services offered on Fiverr.

As mentioned above, you can only use five tags, so make sure to pick the relevant ones from the below examples and use them in your gig.

Fiverr Tags For Data Entry

  • Data entry expert
  • Data entry work
  • Data entry job
  • Data entry copy-paste
  • Only MS word typing jobs
  • Captcha typing
  • Urdu typing      
  • Copy-paste typing jobs
  • Data entry typing work
  • Data entry typing work job
  • Fastest data entry
  • Web research
  • Web research and data scraping
  • Data entry and web research
  • Admin support
  • Administrative assistant
  • Admin assistant
  • Web scraping data mining

Fiverr Tags For Photo Editing

  • Photo editing
  • Colorize black and white photo
  • Remove background from photo
  • Photo retouching
  • Portrait photo retouching
  • Adobe photoshop editing and retouching
  • High-end photo retouching
  • Photoshop editing background removal
  • Cut out background
  • White background
  • Photo background removal
  • Remove image background photoshop
  • Photo editing and retouching
  • Wedding photo editing
  • Product photo editing for Amazon
  • Photo editing Instagram
  • Amazon product photo background remove
  • Photos resize and crop
  • Colorize photo
  • Photo color correction
  • Restore old photos
  • Remove objects from photos
  • Photo manipulation
  • Photo touch up

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Fiverr Tags For Background Removal

  • Background removal
  • Remove background from photo
  • Photoshop editing background removal
  • Cut out background
  • White background
  • Photo background removal
  • Remove image background photoshop
  • Amazon product background remove job
  • Photoshop editing background removal
  • Picture background removal
  • Product background remove
  • Remove background from photo

Fiverr Tags For Video Editing

  • Video editing
  • Video editing for YouTube
  • Music video editing
  • YouTube gaming video editing
  • Video editing wedding
  • Video editing gaming
  • Video editing for YouTube vlog
  • Travel video editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Green screen editing
  • Basic video editing
  • Cinematic video editing
  • Funny gaming video editing
  • Film editing
  • Video editor for Facebook ads
  • Fitness video editing
  • YouTube video editor for hire
  • Short video editing
  • YouTube editor
  • Professional video editing for YouTube

Tip: Use the auto suggest method to find some new jobs that you can quickly learn and offer them as another gig on Fiverr.

Fiverr Tags For Translation

  • Translation
  • English to Tamil translation
  • Translation Chinese
  • English to French translation
  • Translation Japanese
  • Translation French
  • English to Hindi translation
  • Translation English
  • English to Russian translation
  • English to Urdu translation
  • English to Arabic translation
  • English to Spanish translation
  • Urdu to English translation
  • Translate English to Bengali
  • Translate English to Dutch
  • Translate French to English
  • Turkish game translation
  • Translate German to English
  • Translate English to Hebrew
  • Translate English to Portuguese
  • Translate English to Italian
  • Translate English to Indonesia
  • Translate English to Korean
  • Language translator
  • Provide translation
  • Polish translation
  • Video translation
  • Website translation
  • Writing and translation
  • Amazon translation

Fiverr Tags For Graphic Designers

  • Top-rated graphics designer
  • Professional graphics designer
  • Graphic design website
  • Graphic t-shirt design
  • Graphic designer
  • Graphic designer t-shirts
  • Freelance graphic designer
  • Graphic designer logo
  • Graphic design illustrator
  • Custom graphic t-shirt design
  • Graphic design poster

Fiverr Tags For WordPress

  • WordPress
  • WordPress website design
  • WordPress developer
  • WordPress speed optimization
  • WordPress design
  • WordPress blog
  • WordPress website
  • WordPress SEO
  • WordPress virtual assistant
  • WordPress website design and development
  • WordPress site and theme customization
  • WordPress installation and demo upload
  • Clean and modern WordPress website
  • WordPress API
  • Professional WordPress blog website design
  • WordPress bug
  • WordPress business website
  • Professional business WordPress website design
  • WordPress bug fix
  • Build a responsive WordPress website design
  • WordPress website builder
  • WordPress customization
  • WordPress changes
  • Custom WordPress plugin
  • Create an eCommerce website WordPress
  • WordPress site and theme customization
  • WordPress website creation
  • WordPress theme customization
  • Clone WordPress website
  • WordPress developer
  • WordPress plugin developer
  • WordPress Divi
  • WordPress dropshipping
  • WordPress elementor
  • WordPress edit
  • WordPress error
  • Fix WordPress error
  • Fix WordPress SEO issue
  • WordPress sales funnel
  • HTML to WordPress
  • Convert HTML to WordPress
  • WordPress help
  • Increase WordPress speed
  • WordPress landing page design
  • Modern WordPress landing page
  • WordPress landing page elementor
  • WordPress malware removal
  • WordPress migration
  • WordPress maintenance
  • WordPress membership website
  • WordPress website migration
  • WordPress website speed optimization
  • Fix WordPress search engine optimization issues
  • WordPress search engine optimization
  • WordPress on-page search engine optimization
  • WordPress page speed
  • WordPress redesign
  • WordPress website redesign
  • Revamp WordPress
  • WordPress security
  • Wix to WordPress
  • Themeforest WordPress theme installation
  • WordPress speed up
  • WordPress Yoast SEO
  • xd to WordPress

Tip: Create multiple gigs for different sets of tags to get more reach to buyers.

Fiverr Tags For Twitter

  • Twitter marketing
  • Twitter header
  • Twitter banner
  • Twitter shoutout
  • Twitter traffic
  • Twitter ads
  • Twitter growth

Fiverr Tags For Logo Design

  • Logo design
  • Creative logo design
  • Logo design minimalist
  • Logo design modern
  • Signature logo design
  • Logo design custom
  • Simple logo design
  • Unique logo design
  • Minimalist logo design
  • Gaming logo design
  • Business logo
  • logo
  • Brand logo design
  • Clothing brand logo design
  • Beauty logo design
  • Minimalist business logo design
  • Professional business logo design
  • Business minimalist modern logo design
  • Company logo design
  • Cosmetic logo design
  • Cartoon logo design
  • Create a logo design
  • Real estate logo design
  • Elegant logo design
  • Flat minimalist logo design
  • Feminine logo design
  • Fashion logo design
  • Flat logo design
  • Graphic design logos
  • Podcast logo design
  • Vintage retro logo design
  • Restaurant logo design
  • Sports logo design
  • T-shirt logo design
  • Text logo design
  • Typography logo design
  • Twitch logo design
  • Versatile logo design
  • Website logo design
  • YouTube logo design

Fiverr Tags For Writing

  • Essay writing
  • Article writing
  • Blog writing
  • Creative writing
  • Content writing
  • Story writing
  • Book writing
  • Professional resume writing
  • Writing blog articles
  • Write articles for SEO
  • Writing a resume
  • Copywriters and content writers
  • Rap songwriter
  • Write website content
  • SEO content writer
  • YouTube scriptwriter
  • SEO based content writing
  • Blog content writing services
  • CV writing
  • Professional CV writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • Professional CV service writing
  • SEO friendly content writing
  • Amazon content writing
  • Product description writer
  • Press release writing and distribution
  • English writing
  • Email writing
  • Freelance writer
  • Grant writing
  • Grant proposal writing
  • Legal writing
  • Medical writing
  • Social media content writer
  • News writer
  • Poetry writing
  • Proposal writing
  • Paper writing
  • Poem writing
  • Recipe writing
  • Speech writing
  • UX writing
  • Video script writing

That’s it. Those are some of the example search tags on Fiverr.