Low Competition And Profitable Niches For Redbubble in 2023

In this article, we will explore the realm of low competition and profitable niches for Redbubble.

Finding the perfect niche is often like striking gold; it can be the determining factor between moderate success and phenomenal growth.

We will deep-dive into niches that not only have a lower competition but also hold the potential for significant profitability.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your portfolio, this guide is designed to help you uncover opportunities that can transform your Redbubble venture.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Profitable Niches on Redbubble

Anime & Manga

Anime and manga have global appeal. Characters, memorable quotes, or iconic scenes turned into designs can attract an avid fanbase.


  • T-shirts featuring original characters inspired by the general anime art style, with vibrant colors and dynamic action poses.
  • Stickers designed in the style of chibi art, featuring cute and whimsical characters.
  • Posters showcasing watercolor-style backdrops, paying homage to the serene sceneries often seen in anime.

Social Causes

Designs related to climate change, social justice, or mental health awareness tap into the collective consciousness and inspire people to express their viewpoints through merchandise.


  • Tote bags in earthy tones, adorned with abstract designs such as a melting globe depicted in a dripping watercolor style, symbolizing climate change.
  • Black and white t-shirts with bold typography advocating for social justice.
  • Phone cases displaying a collection of symbols associated with mental health, incorporated into a unique mandala design.

Pets & Animals

From specific dog breeds to endangered wildlife, animal-themed designs can captivate pet owners and animal enthusiasts alike.


  • Hardcover notebooks with hand-drawn illustrations of various dog breeds, each exhibiting their unique traits.
  • Throw pillows featuring watercolor paintings of endangered wildlife species, giving a delicate and poignant appeal.
  • Water bottles decorated with whimsical, cartoon-style cat designs, exuding a fun and playful vibe.


Esports, retro gaming, and popular game franchises like “Fortnite” or “Among Us” make this a continually profitable niche.


  • Posters depicting an original pixel art scene inspired by vintage gaming, with vibrant colors and 8-bit characters.
  • T-shirts with stylized controllers from different gaming generations, paying tribute to the evolution of gaming.
  • Mugs displaying a text-based design, composed of clever gaming lingo and phrases.

Educational Themes

Designs revolving around science, mathematics, literature, and other academic subjects can be attractive to students, teachers, and education enthusiasts.


  • Tote bags featuring math puns in an engaging typographical design, perhaps making use of relevant symbols and shapes.
  • Laptop skins showcasing scientific equations, represented in a minimalist design that resembles chalk on a blackboard.
  • T-shirts featuring a literature quote, presented in a handwritten-style font against a backdrop of book imagery.

Food & Drink

Be it coffee lovers, wine connoisseurs, or food pun enthusiasts, the culinary world offers a buffet of profitable design ideas.


  • Mugs with coffee-related quotes written in a cursive, vintage-style font, against a background of coffee beans.
  • Aprons displaying a fun, vector-style design of a wine bottle and glass, with catchy phrases.
  • T-shirts featuring food puns, presented in a comic strip style with cute food characters.

Sustainability & Nature

With growing environmental consciousness, designs promoting sustainability, nature love, and eco-friendly lifestyles can do well.


  • T-shirts promoting zero waste, featuring a line-art style design of various sustainable lifestyle items.
  • Reusable bags with a hand-drawn, doodle-style design of various plants, accompanied by eco-friendly slogans.
  • Posters illustrating an intricately designed forest scene in a detailed, botanical drawing style.

Horror & Supernatural

Themes like zombies, ghosts, or famous horror films can appeal to the enthusiasts of this genre, particularly around Halloween.


  • Stickers showcasing a collection of unique monster designs, each reflecting a different aspect of the horror genre.
  • T-shirts featuring a minimalist, silhouette-style design of a haunted house scene.
  • Notebooks decorated with a pattern of various mystical symbols associated with the supernatural.

Tech & Cyberpunk

The digital age and its aesthetics offer a myriad of design possibilities, appealing to tech enthusiasts and fans of genres like cyberpunk.


  • Phone cases featuring a sleek, geometric pattern inspired by circuit boards, using metallic color tones.
  • Posters showcasing a neon-lit cityscape in a cyberpunk art style.
  • T-shirts featuring an abstract design of a humanoid robot in a modern, graffiti-style art.

Astrology & Zodiac

Designs centered around astrological signs and celestial themes can cater to those interested in astrology and the mystic arts.


  • Throw pillows showcasing an intricate line-art design representing each zodiac sign.
  • Posters with celestial themes, featuring an abstract, space-inspired watercolor background, adorned with hand-drawn stars and planets.
  • T-shirts featuring a minimalist design of an astrological symbol, paired with a simple, impactful quote related to its traits.

That’s it. I hope you found some profitable niches on Redbubble to start making your design. Now let’s dive into low competition niches so you can make things little more easier.

Low Competition Niches on Redbubble

Local Landmarks & Heritage

Specific local landmarks or cultural heritage themes can cater to a more localized audience, making this a potentially low-competition niche.


  • Postcards featuring hand-drawn illustrations of less-known local landmarks, utilizing a vintage style to emphasize the historical aspect.
  • T-shirts with regional folk art, depicted in a vibrant, folk-art inspired style.
  • Posters showcasing motifs from local cultural heritage, depicted in a bold, graphic style.

Rare Hobbies

Fencing, model train building, bird watching—people’s hobbies can be quite diverse. Tapping into lesser-known hobbies can unearth a low-competition niche.


  • Stickers featuring detailed, technical drawings of model train parts.
  • T-shirts with bird-watching slogans, presented in a clean, vector style design with silhouettes of different bird species.
  • Mugs decorated with fencing-related imagery, such as a minimalist, line-art depiction of a fencing mask and foil.

Special Diets

Veganism, gluten-free, keto—specific diet-based designs can target a niche yet growing market.


  • Aprons displaying clever vegan quotes, accompanied by a fun, cartoon-style design of various vegetables.
  • T-shirts with gluten-free lifestyle slogans, presented in a playful, hand-drawn style with gluten-free food items.
  • Tote bags featuring a sleek, modern design representing the keto diet, such as a pie chart showing the ideal macronutrient distribution.

Non-English Quotes & Sayings

Incorporating quotes or sayings in languages other than English can cater to non-English speaking audiences, making it a low competition niche.


  • Notebooks adorned with French love quotes, presented in an elegant, cursive font against a romantic, vintage-style backdrop.
  • T-shirts with inspiring Spanish sayings, designed in a modern, typographical style against a vibrant, abstract background.
  • Posters featuring Japanese Kanji characters, displayed in a traditional, brush-stroke calligraphy style.

Philosophy & Abstract Concepts

Designs inspired by philosophical ideas or abstract concepts can intrigue a certain audience looking for deeper or intellectual content.


  • Tote bags featuring minimalist designs representing abstract concepts, like an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of geometric shapes.
  • Mugs showcasing thought-provoking philosophical quotes, written in a clean, modern font against a serene, gradient background.

Historical Events & Periods

Designs centered around specific historical periods, events, or figures can be a potential low competition niche.


  • Posters depicting key events of the Renaissance period, designed in a vintage, art nouveau style.
  • T-shirts showcasing famous quotes from historical figures, presented in a typographic design against a background of relevant, symbolic imagery.
  • Phone cases adorned with vintage war poster designs, reimagined with a modern twist.

Forgotten Fairy Tales & Myths

Lesser-known fairy tales, folklore, or mythologies can provide a wealth of unique design material and a low competition niche.


  • Stickers featuring characters from lesser-known myths, designed in a whimsical, storybook style.
  • Posters illustrating forgotten fairy tales, rendered in a dreamy, fantasy-inspired art style.
  • T-shirts with engaging quotes from global folklore, designed in a typographical style, adorned with symbolic imagery.

Rare Flora & Fauna

Designs based on uncommon plant species, insects, or microorganisms can offer a unique niche with low competition.


  • Throw pillows with botanical art of uncommon plant species, created in a detailed, scientific illustration style.
  • T-shirts featuring intricate, linework illustrations of uncommon insects.
  • Notebooks with a repeating pattern of stylized, abstract microorganisms.

Geology & Minerals

Designs inspired by different rock types, minerals, and geological formations can cater to geology enthusiasts, creating a niche with low competition.


  • Coasters featuring a detailed, watercolor painting of various minerals.
  • T-shirts showcasing a stylized, geometric design of geological formations.
  • Phone cases adorned with a seamless pattern of stylized rock textures, using a modern, vector-based design.

Sign Languages

Designs incorporating sign languages can appeal to the deaf community and those learning sign language, making it a potential low-competition niche.


  • Posters featuring the sign language alphabet, designed in a clean, minimalist style.
  • T-shirts showcasing a phrase in sign language, represented with clear, simple illustrations of the hand signs.
  • Stickers featuring various sign language symbols, designed in a playful, colorful style.

That’s the list of low competition niches on Redbubble in 2023.

What Sells Best on Redbubble: Capitalizing on Popular Product Categories

Selecting the right product type and design style is just as important as choosing the right niche. So, what sells best on Redbubble?

  1. Stickers: Redbubble’s top-selling product category is stickers. They’re popular because they allow customers to personalize their belongings, such as laptops, water bottles, and notebooks. Design styles that work well on stickers range from quirky doodles and bold typography to intricate illustrations.
  2. T-Shirts: T-shirts, particularly graphic tees, are Redbubble’s bread and butter. They provide a canvas for various design styles – from pop culture references and motivational quotes to abstract artwork.
  3. Phone Cases: As phone usage continues to surge, the demand for unique phone cases remains high. Customers often look for designs that reflect their personality or interests.
  4. Posters and Prints: These products are popular among those who want to personalize their living or workspaces. The design styles that sell well include minimalist art, typography, travel photography, and pop culture artwork.

These are some of the best sellers on Redbubble. Here you can learn more about the ways to find the best sellers on Redbubble.

In conclusion, understanding the market demand and competition is key to finding success on Redbubble.

Whether you choose a popular niche with high competition or a less-explored one with lower competition, it is important to create designs that genuinely resonate with your target audience.

By capitalizing on the popular product categories and implementing unique design styles, you can carve your niche and thrive on this dynamic platform.