How long does it take to make money on Redbubble?

The questions “How long does it take to make money?” and “How many designs should I upload to make my first sale?” are common concerns for newcomers.

As each artist’s journey varies greatly, it’s beneficial to consider real-world examples to gain insight into the range of potential experiences on Redbubble.

Let’s delve into a series of case studies that shed light on different strategies and outcomes when it comes to making sales on Redbubble.

Case Study 1: The Niche Expert

Artist A had a unique, captivating style, focusing her efforts on intricate designs for a specific niche market: fantasy literature fans.

After uploading only five of her high-quality designs to Redbubble, she leveraged her established Instagram and Reddit platforms—where she had already cultivated a following interested in her niche—to promote her store.

The results were impressive: she made her first sale within three weeks and experienced steady sales as she gradually added more designs to her shop.

This case demonstrates the power of a focused, quality-over-quantity approach combined with targeted promotion.

Artist A’s understanding of her niche market’s desires and her ability to deliver high-quality designs that resonated with her audience was key to her swift success.

Case Study 2: The Trendsetter

Artist B decided to target a broader audience, pivoting his designs around popular sayings, trending memes, and topical events.

This approach required a consistent stream of content, leading him to upload a new design every day. However, he invested minimal effort into promoting his work. After about 50 designs, he made his first sale in his second month.

This example illustrates the potential for success even with minimal promotional efforts when an artist maintains consistency and aligns their designs with trending topics.

While it took longer for Artist B to achieve his first sale compared to Artist A, his method of creating designs that appealed to a wide audience ultimately paid off.

Case Study 3: The Patient Artist

Artist C was a passionate wildlife photographer who decided to sell her prints on Redbubble. Knowing her target market—nature lovers—wasn’t as vast or easily accessible as other categories, she understood that patience and persistence would be key.

Uploading high-resolution photos regularly, she saw her first sale after two months and 30 uploaded designs.

This case reveals how patience and understanding your art’s market demand are crucial. Even though it took a bit longer for Artist C to make her first sale, her dedication and consistency, combined with the quality of her work, finally bore fruit and may turn into a snowball effect.

My person experience – I didn’t see any sales for the first year but once I made my first sale, then I started to make consistent sales. I assume it got to do with ads run by Redbubble as well. By the way, I am not an artist, I just focus on memes and trends. Predominantly text based designs.


These case studies emphasize the unique journeys each artist undertakes when starting on Redbubble. It’s clear there isn’t a single answer to how long it takes to make money on Redbubble or how many designs one should upload to make their first sale.

Success on the platform largely depends on factors such as the quality of your designs, understanding of your target audience, promotional efforts, and frequency of uploads.

Your journey might look entirely different from the artists mentioned, and that’s perfectly fine. Regardless of the path you take, remember that success in any creative field requires persistence, patience, and a commitment to continuously refining your craft.

Embrace your unique style, learn from others, stay consistent, and be patient. With time and effort, Redbubble can be a rewarding platform for showcasing and selling your artistic creations.

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