Get More Buyer Requests On Fiverr With These 5 Tips

You can get more buyer requests on Fiverr by optimizing your Gig title, description, and adding multiple relevant categories to your Gigs.

This way, you can get more orders and in turn make more money freelancing.

As a seller on Fiverr, there are two ways you can land a job, either the buyer reaches out to you or you reach out to the buyer. 

It is common for older sellers to have buyers reach out to them with job offers, but for newbies, the latter is usually the approach to land a job. 

The buyer uploads a request for a job under a category, and if the category matches what the seller offers, it will appear on the buyers’ requests page of the seller’s account where he or she can bid for the job.

However, due to various reasons, buyer requests do not show up on the seller’s profile regularly and you can overcome that by implementing the tips covered in this article.

Attract more buyer requests on Fiverr

Below are five tips that will help sellers (especially beginners) get more buyer requests on Fiverr:

Offer valuable services

First things first, you must be selling a service people are willing to buy. 

Ensure that the service you sell on Fiverr is a valuable one and of high quality. 

People are willing to pay a lot for excellence, so ensure that you have the required skill for the valuable service you sell.

Optimize your gigs

When it comes to creating gigs on Fiverr, you are advised to be as clear and creative as possible if you want your Gig to be found and read. 

You should ensure that your title and selected category is in line with the service you sell. 

Also, make sure to write your Gig title and description by keeping SEO in mind and with at least one power word included in it.

Doing this will help the Fiverr algorithm to match your Gig with the relevant buyer requests.

So, the more accurate and optimized your Gigs are, the more buyer requests come your way.

Finally, before you hit publish, make sure to fix any spelling or grammatical errors in your Gig using a proofreading tool.

Add more categories

Although this is a buyer’s fault, it can be rectified by the seller. 

One of the reasons why the seller does not see a lot of buyer requests may be due to an issue of mismatched category, where the buyer sends a job offer under the wrong category. 

To rectify this, you may have to create the same Gig under different categories. 

Your Gig maybe “I will write an SEO optimized 1,000 words article in 24 hrs.” 

You can put the Gig in the blog writing category and as well as the content/article writing category.

Categorizing the Gigs under various categories will increase the chances of getting buyer requests.

Create more gigs

You can create different gigs on the same subject to help you get more buyer requests on Fiverr. 

A seller with 10-15 well-created gigs has a higher chance of getting more job offers on the buyer request page than a seller with one.

If you have just started on Fiverr, it may be challenging since you will have only seven gigs to create.

However, if you have all those seven gigs highly optimized, you can definitely expect a lot of buyer requests.

So, try to create as many gigs as possible.

Promote your gigs

Another approach that will work like magic is to promote your gigs on social media platforms. 

Let people know the services you render. 

The ubiquity of internet connection and availability of so many social media tools means that you can get buyers to request from anywhere in the world. 

Apart from social media, you can upload your gigs on your website or blog.

A seller who employs these approaches will have higher chances of getting more buyer requests on Fiverr.