How Do You Write A Fiverr Gig Title? (10 Things To Keep In Mind)

As a seller on Fiverr, your gig title is crucial. It is the first thing a buyer sees before they reach out to you or when you reach out to them.

So, you should write a Fiverr Gig title by keeping user search intent in your mind. In addition to that, you should keep the title catchy and straightforward.

You do not want to attend casually to something that has a role in determining whether you land the job or not.

Writing your gig title is part of creating your Gig, and you must pay attention to it.

So, how do you write a Fiverr gig title that gets you orders?

Follow these ten tips that will help you create better gig titles:

Keep SEO in mind

When writing your gig title, you must include words related to the service you are selling.

This will help the system show your gigs to buyers who need your service. 

For example, if you are a writer, include words like plagiarism-free, blog, article, creative, etc.

However, you should properly search for those keywords and use them throughout your gig including tags.

Here is how you can find and add the best tags to your Fiverr gig.

By doing this, you can write an optimized Fiverr gig title. Here are some Fiverr gig title examples.

Avoid grammar or spelling mistake

Writing a gig title without grammatical error might seem obvious, but most of the time, we ignore this.

After you write your gig title, go over it one more time to ensure there are no grammar or spelling errors. 

You can also use a free tool like Grammarly to help you auto-correct grammatical errors while creating your Gig.

Finally, ask a friend to go over it. 

By having someone take a second look at your Fiverr Gig, you can get some suggestions and make some final changes to it before publishing.

Be clear and keep it simple

When it comes to writing your gig title, you should be able to clearly and concisely say what you Gig is about. 

Remember, first impressions matter. Use simple words, as not everyone on Fiverr speaks English fluently.

Look at some of the other Gig that offers similar services and gets some inspiration. This way, you know what is working.

Use power words

Power words draw a reaction from people and make them act. 

So, if you want to write an excellent gig title, you can sprinkle one or two powerful words. Words like sensational, excellent, amazing, almost-FREE, etc. 

However, remember to keep it simple. 

Prioritize words

When writing your gig title, make sure the important keywords come first before any other word. 

Do not be in a hurry to input your power words. 

For example, write “I will edit your video” instead of “I will ensure that I edit your video.”

Be true

Do not mention what you cannot do in the title to sound creative or smart. 

Stick with what you offer and nothing more. 

A buyer may send you a request based on your gig title only to discover that you are not capable of what you claim you offer.

By doing this, you will set the right expectation, and you will not have any order dispute during the time of delivery.

In addition to that, being transparent and genuine will get your Gig to the right clients, and you will most likely get a good review from them.

Find what buyers are looking for

Before you write your gig title, you can look at the word’s buyers use to describe the service you sell and write accordingly with slight tweaks as you like.

You can type your main keyword in the Fiverr search bar and find related keywords that buyers are searching for and include them in your Gig title.

Many sellers do not do this, and sometimes you will find search terms that none of your competitors are using in their title.

This will definitely help your Gig gain more visibility. So, make sure to spend some time doing some research and include them in your gig title.

Use numbers in Gig title

Having a number in your title can grab attention from the buyer.

If your Gig has some relevance to numbers, try including them in your Gig.

For example, instead of writing ‘one thousand words,’ you should write ‘1,000 words.’ 

However, do not convey an incorrect message by including numbers in your title. 

Adding numbers to your Gig title in just an additional boost, and you can still win clients without numbers in your Fiverr gig titles.

Capitalize words

You can capitalize on a keyword that summarizes your service or what you want people to know about your service.

I have seen people capitalizing on keywords time and again. So, this should be working in their favor.

Also, most people tend to capitalize the first letter of every word in the Gig title.

This is something done everywhere, you could notice in my blog title as well.

I am not exactly sure about the conversion rate, but I personally think that helps to a smaller extent.

Follow Fiverr rules

There are certain rules to follow when writing your Fiverr gig title. However, most people who are starting out are not aware of these rules and often unable to move to next step.

Here are the most common errors on Fiverr:

  • Title Can Not Contain ‘I will’ Or ‘For $5’
  • Tag List Must Contain At Least 1 Tag Fiverr
  • Title Can Contain Letters And Numbers Only Fiverr

You can watch the below videos for the solution.


The information provided may look too much to incorporate in a gig title, but when you write it on Fiverr, you can actually make sure all of them are covered.

Last but not least, always experiment with your Fiverr gig title. Try to have four to Five Gig variations and change them once in a month.

Doing this will help you find the best Gig title for your service.

I hope you find this article useful.

If yes, please share it with your friends and family.