Why Buyer Requests Are Not Showing On Fiverr? (5 Reasons Covered)

In this article, I am going to explain, why buyer requests are not showing on Fiverr.

Buyer request does not come all the time, that is the reality of being a freelancer on Fiverr, and it is a tough one, especially when you are in dire need of one. 

Nothing is more depressing, like refreshing your buyer’s requests page repeatedly for it to remain blank. 

It is better to know that you lost a bid for a job than to realize that there are no jobs to bid for.

Sometimes this has something to do with the seller; other times, it is beyond your control. 

Below are some of the reasons why buyer requests are not showing on Fiverr.

Why there are no buyer requests for you on Fiverr?

Your rating may be low

Note that when your rating drops to 89%, you will not be able to view buyer requests until it rises to 90%. 

Many sellers do not know and keep wondering why they do not see any jobs on the buyer’s requests page.

So, if you see a blank buyer request page, make sure to check your rating as this is one of the most common reasons you do not receive any buyer request.

Choose your timing

Many sellers have found out that when they go to the buyer requests page on days of the week or particular periods of the day, they have higher chances of seeing job offers to bid for. 

Statistics and experience show that there are more job offers on weekday mornings than any other period. 

However, there is no set rule for this, so find what works for you.

There is no job

The reason you do not see any job offers on the buyer requests page maybe because there is no job offer now. 

It could be as simple as that. 

You do not have to worry; instead, you could wait patiently or be more strategic with your timing.

The number of gigs you have

The rule of thumb is that the more gigs you have, the more your chances of seeing buyer requests. 

A seller with 3-4 gigs will probably see more job offers on the buyer’s request page than a seller who has just one gig. 

Even if it is one service you render, you can still create multiple gigs. For instance, if you are a writer, you can create various gigs for a different amount of words. 

While creating a gig on Fiverr may be tedious, it is crucial to see more job offers on your buyer’s requests page.

Note: You are also limited to the number of Gigs you can create based on your level as a seller.

Review your gig title

Fiverr algorithms suggest buyer requests by looking at similar offers and services provided by a seller.

There is no clear information on how the algorithm works. However, the basic operation would be to compare the Gig title, tags, and description to find related Gigs.

Once the algorithm finds a similar match, it will suggest the request to the seller of that gig.

So, having an optimized title related to the buyers’ search intent will help your Fiverr gig ranking and bring you more buyer requests.