11 Things You Can Rent Out For Profit (Surprising Rental Business Ideas)

A clever way to make money is to rent out unused things available at home. There are lots of opportunities to make money from home but renting out things is one of the most simple and profitable business ideas without substantial investment.

Tip: A great way to get rid of unused things is to quickly flip them on eBay. Check my list of easy items that you can flip for profit.

The rental business is going on for a long time but now with the scope to reach a lot of people online, it has become a hugely profitable business among other side hustle opportunities.

Here is a short story:

Two friends purchased an air mattress and put that in their living room as they couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel.

After a while they started a website, rented out space in their room, provided breakfast and a networking opportunity.

Now the website is making over 2.6 Billion in revenue and has millions of customers across the globe.

I think you guessed it right, it’s airbnb.com

This short story is to explain to you the potential to make money in this digital era.

Let’s come back to our topic and see the best things to rent out to make money.

List of Easy things to rent out for a profit

Tools and lawn equipment

You won’t believe that your tools and lawn equipment that are not in use right now can earn you some cash if they are given out for rent. 

If you are living in the U.S., you will know that the weather is not the same across all the states.

This gives you an opportunity to rent out your snow removal equipment when it is not snowing a lot in your place.

Or even if it is snowing at your place; You can still rent out for a couple of hours.

A new snow removal equipment will cost them anywhere from $1200 to $5000. So you can charge between $20 to $30 for a few hours. 

During summer, you can rent out your other digging, cutting, and measuring tools.

It’s a good idea to rent out as a tool kit and charge more. 

Rent Camera equipment 

Camera equipment is expensive, and many can’t afford to buy it.

If you have some quality lenses, then you can make very good money by renting them.

Camera equipment is always in demand as there are different functions and parties that happen throughout the year.

Especially during the baby shower and pre-wedding shoots camera equipment like speed-lite, polarizing, and N.D. filters, reflectors are in high demand.

You shall charge anywhere from $200 to $300 per day only for the lenses and an extra $50 for other equipment.

If you are living in the U.S., you can list your equipment on websites like ShareGrid. 

Let’s look at the third one in our list which is my favorite.

Rent Motor Cycle 

Got a motorcycle?

Rent your motorcycle on Riders Share and get the money sent directly to your bank account.

Register an account with them and list your motorcycle with the model, make, and other details. Also, add some cool pictures of your bike to attract customers.

You can discuss with renters about the trip and duration to have an understanding before renting your bike.

Once you are clear, you can approve and do your routine work because Riders Share will handle all the payout. 

Rent Your Car

This method is an obvious way to make money by renting.

​Now things are much more accessible and seamless as you can list your car for rent on websites like Turo.

As always you need to signup an account with them and provide details and pictures of your car.

After that, you have to choose a location like an airport or let the customer come to you. This will make sure there is no last-minute hassle.

Again, Turo has certain factors they consider when they are listing the car price.

For example, they will see your location, the market value of your car, its manufacturing year and other information that adds value to your car.

On average, based on the information I gathered from websites you can rent your car for 30 days and make about $1200.

Rent your room

You can rent your room or property at Airbnb and other websites to anyone.

You don’t need a separate apartment. If you have one extra room at your place, you can put that on rent.

Check out this step by step guide where I show you exactly how to rent your extra room on Airbnb

Just for your information, I want you to know that there are six million Airbnb listings around the world with 150 million Airbnb users so that is about 2 million people book rooms every night. 

So, this is definitely an excellent opportunity to make money without a considerable investment. 

​Bouncy Castle 

Nowadays almost every birthday party has a bouncy castle, and it has become like status when it’s not there.  

At the same time, it is not affordable by everyone as the good ones start at a minimum price of $1000. Also, people don’t use it regularly, and so it makes sense to rent them out. 

If you have a beautiful bouncy castle, you can easily rent them out for $100 per day. 

​Two customers per week will make you $800 a month which you can use for your fuel bills.

With the growing number in population and things moving digital, it is effortless to find customers online like, Facebook groups and marketplaces. 

You can also scale this to $2000 to $3000 with two to three bouncy castle and teaming up with event management companies in your area.

Sewing Machine

​With the growing popularity of DIY, many people are interested in making things on their own. 

​If you have a sewing machine worth $200, you can rent it out for $10 per day.

​You can look for work from home moms as your ideal target customers.

As always, look for DIY Facebook groups in your area to land your first customer. After that, you can build a small network of customers in your circle.

This may look like a small amount, but it will add up to nice pocket money.

And if your sewing machine is just lying in your house, you are making free money.

Parking Space

If you do not have a car, but your apartment has a parking facility, why not rent it out?

Many do not have a parking facility and are willing to pay to get one. Irrespective of where you live, this is works well.

Before my son was born, I had no car but had a parking slot for my apartment. I never thought that I could make money off of that space.

All I did was to drop a message in our society WhatsApp group, and within minutes, many approached me to pay to use my parking space.

It was not a huge space, and I was charging them $30 per month.

If you have a big space in a popular area, you can charge a per hour basis, and it can make you a full-time income.

You can also list your parking space on websites in your area.

Here are a few examples:

✔️ List your parking at ParkEasier

✔️ List your parking at SpotPog

✔️ List your parking at JustPark

Rent your wardrobe

Got some nice suits?

If you are not using it regularly, it’s a good idea to rent them. Renting your suits will quickly pay off its actual price.

You can use websites like rent my wardrobe to list the items that you want to rent.

The signup process is simple, and they handle everything for you but they will take a small cut from your profit for connecting you with renters.

Also, if you have a creative costume for Halloween or a theme-based costume, they work very well.

All it takes is to display your wardrobe, so go and list everything that you don’t use quite often and start making some side income.

Recreational Vehicle

I can understand that it may not be everyone, but if you are someone who owns an R.V., you can make a full-time income.

The market for renting R.V. is huge as there are more travelers, campers and digital nomad lifestyles are becoming more and more popular.

The best part is you have several websites where you can list your R.V. for rent, and people rent them in no time.

Here are a few:

✔️ Rent out with RVShare

✔️ Rent out with Outdoorsy

You can expect to earn anywhere from $100 to $400 per day depending on your R.V.

Event Rental business

This is a huge business, and you have lots of options to choose from.

Tables, chairs, Portable BBQ, Patio heaters, wedding chairs and what not?

On the day of events, people need items in large numbers, and they prefer to rent stuff as it’s going to be a one time need.

You need not rent everything they require. It’s good to start with a few tables and then scale it up slowly.

The most important thing here is your service. If you can provide good service to your clients, you can stay in business for a long time.

Your clients will refer you to their friends and relatives, and your business keeps growing every day.


Every single rental business ideas covered in this article are proven to work.

It doesn’t matter whether you pick event rental business or unused easy items like a sewing machine to rent out, you have an excellent opportunity to make an adequate side income.

If you take this very seriously, then you can grow this to a full-time rental business.

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