21 Easiest Things To Flip For Profit (Personally Tried)

In this article, I am going to suggest you some of the easy things that you can flip for profit.

As you are reading this article, you should be in the flipping business or looking for some side hustle opportunities. 

In either case, flipping business is an excellent opportunity.

You can flip easy things on websites like eBay and Etsy from your home and make a decent income.

Also, to get started, you do not need any special skills.

If you are good at browsing and researching on the internet, that is more than enough to make a good profit by reselling stuff.

One of my friends started flipping unused old things at home to purchase a gaming console.

Later on, that turned out to be a good side hustle for him while doing a fulltime job.

The best part is you need not invest anything when you are getting into the flipping business, and at the same time, you will start making some quick profits.

I hope that cleared some of the questions in your mind.

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List of easy items to flip for profit in 2020

Vintage Grundig radio

Grunding radios can quickly be flipped between $500 to $700. People have a craze for this vintage radio.

Even the non-working ones can be sold for $200.

So, keep this on your picklist when going out for buying inventory.

You can find them in yard sales, thrift stores, or antique stores.

Microsoft Trackball mouse 1.0

This type of mouse sells at a good profit margin on eBay. Most get sold within a week.

Make sure it is in excellent working condition and do not settle down for anything less than $70.

Mario video games

Unlike games like Call of duty that lose resale value in a few years, Mario video games are in good demand even now and they are profitable.

Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World are famous even now.

If you find them in a thrift store, pick them immediately and flip on eBay.

Rolleiflex cameras

Rolleiflex cameras that are tall and rectangular sell anywhere from $200 to $2000.

However, the standard size cameras don’t sell well. 

So, buy the rectangular-shaped tall once when flipping on eBay.

Black and decker spacemaker

It looks like these spacemakers can make a $30 profit when flipped for $100 on eBay. So, if you find them grab them.

There is not a lot of information about this. I will link to the YouTube channel from where I picked this up at the bottom of this post.

Alcoholic anonymous books 

Again I have no idea what kind of book it is. It looks like even the used one sells for $50, and the books in good condition sell up to $100.

So, there is a good profit in reselling these books.

Try your luck in thrift stores and estate sales.

Vitamix blender

This is a unique blender that you can buy for $8 and resell at $200.

In case you do find only the parts of the blender, you can still sell them online. 

So, if you find anything related to Vitamix blender, you can flip.

Blendtec is also a similar one, but you cannot resell at a higher margin. However, there is an excellent opportunity to resell at a reasonable price.

Griswold cookware 

Big size used Griswold frying pan, and other cookware sells between $500 to $700, and mostly you can find them on yard sales and estate sales.

Small ones don’t sell well, pick the large ones that are in good condition.

Hood Ornaments

Hood ornaments do well and are bought by metal ornaments collectors.

Sometimes a car restored will need a hood.

Nice looking old car hoods sell well. Sometimes people buy from you for $700 as well as they need it for their car.

Any kind of cool metal ornament is in good demand.

So, if you find one, pick it and flip it.

Vintage perfumes

Huge Chanel is a vintage perfume that sells between $200 to $300.

If it has a specific fragrance and right amount of liquid, it can sell for $1000 as well.

List of evergreen items that you can buy and resell


Books are easy to buy and resell as you can find a lot of them. Moreover, these items sell throughout the year.

Considering the demand and unlimited supply. You need to pick the right book for it to sell.

Some best sellers and Shiny good looking books sell very well, but at the same time, they are costly to buy.

So manuals, informational books, guides are the recommendations for flipping.


You will find a lot of people flipping shoes, and it is the second most flipped item by beginners.

However, if you want to make a profit, then make sure to clean the shoes, so it looks clean and doesn’t smell bad.

Small electronics

Small electronics and cell phones are the items that you can easily buy and flip without a loss. However, you should know the right ones to buy and resell.

The best part is you can save a lot of money in shipping since they are weightless. 

And also you can find the products for a low price 

So make sure to source lightweight electronic items unless you see a massive profit with heavier stuff.

Some people buy and sell only cell phones and make a good amount of money.

Sporting goods

Sporting goods is another right choice as they are sturdy, and the value of the product doesn’t fall so much, even though it is a used item.

In addition to that, you need not take too much care in packing this stuff since they are rigid and do not break so easily.

However, keep in mind that sports items are not cheap even though you can flip them for good money.

So, buy them only when you have some extra budget or if you know that it would sell well.

Baseball gloves, bats, tennis rackets, and what not? All of them sell very well.

Tip: Make sure to niche down to understand what is selling well.


Clothing is by far the easiest to source items in the entire list of things that you can flip.

And also, at the same time, it will be challenging for you to resell without proper research or experience.

Cloths are also easy to ship, and you can offer free shipping on eBay.

So, I would recommend this only if you have good knowledge about a particular clothing style and the market value.


If you are willing to research by jumping on to eBay, Facebook marketplace, Etsy, etc.. then you can also try clothing.

Solid Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is my go-to option whenever I plan to flip items because there is a good demand and also you can make a considerable profit by selling furniture.

Once you get into flipping furniture, you will never be able to come out of that.

It is so addictive that you will not think of flipping another item.

Here the only catch is, you should know a thing or two when it comes to painting and restoration.

You can easily make a few hundred dollars in profit by flipping on furniture.

Retro Bar-ware Items

Things like cocktail shakers, wine goblets, ice buckets, swizzle sticks, and even bottle openers highly appeal to everyone.

If you check on Etsy, you will find 1905 bar accessories listed, which indicates people are making money selling bar-ware items online.

So, if that is something you can quickly source, then go for it.

Sometimes you will be surprised to see an item gets sold for a higher price than you expected.

​Mid-Century Items

Old things made in the ’50s and 60’s sell like hotcakes nowadays.

They do!  

So, search for old dinnerware, flatware, coffee tables, chairs, wall clocks, and lamps that are no longer in the market, polish them again, and if they are in good shape, you are sure to hit it like a bam! 


You can bargain for a lower price of power tools when people are moving from out of their residence. 

But you should test each item to ensure they are in good condition before you buy them. 

Then clean or grease it, if necessary, to give it a classic touch and flip it for immediate gain.

Basic Lawn Tools

I’m sure you’re wondering, “What about those?” Well, here we go! 

You have faulty mowers and similar tools you don’t know what to do with them, right? 

The good news is you can sell things like metal rakes, spades, and hoes between $15 and $30; you only need little cleaning touches. 

Everyone needs it, so everyone is ready to buy it.


My friend in Austin, Texas, has a shop for buying, repairing, and reselling bicycles. 

He goes to local thrift stores, yard sales every weekend to collect retro models in the 70s and 80s. 

Of course, you have to repair them, but most of them need a little cosmetic TLC. 

So definitely worth giving it a try.

Other popular items that you can flip for profit are Apple iPod docking station, baby monitors, Olukai Ohana Java flip flops, scuba diving equipment, and Ariat leather cowboy boots.

Below are the two YouTube channels that I recommend for you to learn more about making money by flipping stuff.

Hairy Tornado


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