3 YouTube Royalty Free Music Sites (Everyone Must Know)

Finding high-quality music for your videos can be a huge challenge, especially when there are copyright issues that can harm your YouTube channel.

Another issue is the free music tracks out there are pathetic most of the time and do not add any value to your videos.

So, you should know the best places to download the music that are copyright free, and at the same time, they sound damn good.

In this article, I am going to show you three royalty-free music sites that I personally use for my YouTube videos.

I have covered both free and paid sites. So you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Let’s get started.

Free royalty-free music for YouTube videos

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library is my number one recommendation if you are taking the free route.

Here is how you can access the music library,

Log into your YouTube account and click on the YouTube creator studio, you will find the audio library option on the menu bar located to the left side of the window.


Now click the audio library to view the list of audio tracks, filter by the license category, download your track and enjoy.

The best part is they are entirely copyright free (tracks under creative commons category), and you can use them without worrying about change in usage terms. 

But when it comes to the quality of the music, it is kind of hit and miss.

However, there are definitely some gems that you can find and use it in your YouTube videos.

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Free Music Archive and SoundCloud

Other places to find free royalty-free music are Free Music Archive and SoundCloud

These are the two other places I lookup for free tracks when I don’t find what I want on YouTube library.

You can search for a track from hundreds of music and pick the one that suits your requirements.

The search bar is convenient, and I use it a lot to narrow down my results.

I usually type creative commons in the search bar and then start filtering on the available results.

They have a good collection of music in different categories. So, it is worth checking them out if you are into free royalty-free music.

Paid royalty-free music for YouTube videos

PremiumBeatAudioJungle are some of the sites where you need to pay for the individual music tracks.

However, in recent times there are some great platforms like SoundstripeAudioblocksArtlist, and Epidemic Sound where you pay once per month, and you get access to a bunch of royalty-free music tracks.

I prefer the second option asI get access to a lot of music instead of paying a royalty for every single track.

Artlist is the one I prefer because you can use them on any project without any restriction, and they have a one-time yearly fee. 

In case you cancel the subscription after a year, you are still entitled to use the tracks that you downloaded during the time of membership.

So, if you plan everything well, you can download all the music tracks that you need for your YouTube channel and cancel the subscription after that.

What should you know about using Royalty free music on YouTube videos?

Sometimes people upload copyrighted tracks on SoundCloud under the creative commons category.

So, you have to be careful when you are downloading free music anywhere except for the YoutTube audio library.

Also, make sure to understand the terms and conditions because every artist and every company has different licensing attribution.

For instance, there are music tracks where you can use it until your videos reach a certain number of views, and after that, you need to pay a royalty for the music.

So it is crucial to read and understand the royalty terms and conditions before throwing their music on your YouTube videos.


Apart from the YouTube library, 

If you are looking for free royalty-free music for your YouTube videos, make sure to do some homework on the tracks that you download.

The safe bet is to pay the royalty for a bunch of tracks once and use it on your videos.

This way, you need not worry about the copyright strikes on your channel.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep this post updated if come across a new royalty-free music site.

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