Why Your Redbubble Design Isn’t Showing Up? (Solved)

Are you wondering why your Redbubble design isn’t appearing in your shop? You’re not alone. Many artists encounter this problem. Understanding the potential causes can help you find a solution and get your shop up and running smoothly again.

Redbubble Design Isn't Showing Up

List of reasons and solutions:

Inappropriate Content

The most common reason for your design not showing up is because of inappropriate content. Redbubble has strict policies about content – whether it’s offensive, inappropriate, or infringing upon copyright laws. Your design can be removed if it violates these policies.

Action Step: Review your design carefully. Ensure it does not contain offensive or inappropriate content and, most importantly, does not violate any copyright or trademark laws. Stick to original artwork and avoid using any elements from popular culture unless you are certain they are not protected by these laws.

The Review Process

When you upload a design, Redbubble might take some time to process and review it. Your design will not appear during this review period.

Action Step: Be patient. It may take a few hours for your design to be processed and appear in your shop.

Visibility Settings

Visibility settings play a crucial role in whether or not your design appears in your shop. If the design is set to ‘hidden’ or ‘draft’, it won’t appear publicly.

Action Step: Make sure your design is set to ‘public’. Check your visibility settings to confirm.

Search Tags and Descriptions

Poorly formulated or irrelevant tags, title, or description might make it difficult for customers to find your design. Even though it’s in your shop, it might not appear in search results.

Action Step: Take time to create relevant, keyword-rich tags and descriptions. It can greatly improve the visibility of your designs.

Technical Issues

Occasionally, technical glitches on Redbubble’s end can prevent a design from appearing.

Action Step: If you suspect a technical problem, reach out to Redbubble’s customer support. They can provide information about any ongoing issues or bugs.

Copyright or Intellectual Property Dispute

If a copyright holder believes your design infringes on their intellectual property, they can file a complaint with Redbubble, leading to your design’s removal.

Action Step: Only use original work or elements you have full rights to. If your design is flagged, review it for potential copyright infringements.

Mature Content Setting

If your design contains mature content and you’ve not flagged it as such, it might not be visible to users who have set their Redbubble to filter out mature content.

Action Step: Make sure to correctly flag your content if it falls under Redbubble’s ‘mature content’ guidelines.

Listing Errors

There might be errors during the listing process, or there could be an issue with the file you uploaded.

Action Step: Ensure you’ve followed all the steps in the listing process correctly and that your design file is not corrupted.

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What is the most common issue?

The most common issue artists encounter is usually related to inappropriate content, especially inadvertent copyright or intellectual property infringement. Users might use elements in their designs that they don’t realize are protected by copyright or trademark laws, such as logos, characters, or specific designs from popular culture.


If you receive a notification that your work was removed due to a violation of Redbubble’s intellectual property policy, the best course of action is to review the design in question and identify the elements that could potentially infringe upon existing copyrights or trademarks.

Here are some general tips to avoid this problem:

  1. Original Work: Make sure all the artwork is original and does not contain any elements from other works unless you have permission or are sure they are in the public domain.
  2. Avoid Fan Art: Unless you have explicit permission from the copyright holder, avoid creating fan art that includes copyrighted characters or elements.
  3. Research: Before using an element in your design, research to ensure that it’s not protected by copyright or trademark laws. This includes logos, quotes, characters, or other identifiable elements.
  4. Fair Use: While fair use laws can sometimes allow for the use of copyrighted elements under specific circumstances (like criticism, commentary, news reporting, teaching, and research), they are often misunderstood and don’t always protect artists in the way they might expect. Be careful about relying on fair use without getting legal advice.

If you believe your design was incorrectly flagged and removed, you can also reach out to Redbubble support or submit a counter-notice, if appropriate. Always consider seeking legal advice if you’re unsure about the use of certain elements in your work.

In conclusion, if you follow these steps, you can potentially solve the problem of your Redbubble design not showing up in your shop. Consistently providing relevant, quality, and original designs can lead to a successful Redbubble shop. Happy designing!