[Resolved] Redbubble Suspended My Account and Reinstated In Two Days

My Redbubble account was banned but I got it back in two days.

In this article, I am going to show you how I recovered my redbubble account by following two simple steps.

But before that, I would like to clarify that the information in this article is from my personal experience and the research I did by going through posts on Redbubble FB groups and forums.

I am in no way representing Redbubble in addressing this issue.

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With that being said, below are the steps that I went through to recover my Redbubble account.

Step 1: Contact Redbubble support by submitting a ticket.

Page 1: Navigate to Redbubble contact us page
Page 2: Click submit a request
Page 3: Choose I’m an artist
Page 4: Choose Inactive Account
Page 5: Fill the form and submit

Step 2: Drop a message to the Redbubble Twitter account intimating your request submission.

That’s it. Your Redbubble account should be reinstated in few days.

If none works, as mentioned earlier, you can use Teepublic as an alternative to Redbubble.

Related Questions:

What error codes indicate that your Redbubble account is banned?

“It looks like the account is no longer active on Redbubble,” “invalid credentials” are the two most common errors that indicate your account is suspended.

How to avoid Redbubble account suspension?

Redbubble has a very aggressive spam filter to keep the spammers away from the platform. So when you open a new account on Redbubble, follow the below practices.

  • Do not upload too many designs in the first few days.
  • Do not add more than ten tags per design during the first few days. Later on, you can add more tags up to 50 per design.
  • Do not log into your Redbubble account from different locations.
  • Make sure not to use a VPN if your account was banned earlier, redbubble spam filters are smart enough to detect them and suspend your account again. 
  • Do not provide your Redbubble account to your virtual assistant or designer. As they may work from a different location, and that could look suspicious to the spam filters and lead your Redbubble account getting banned.
  • Do not upload copyrighted designs. Instead, use royalty-free vectors in your designs.

Reason for Redbubble account suspension

The most common reason why people get banned on Redbubble is when they open a new account from a non-English speaking country.

I have seen a similar approach being followed while signing up for ClickBank as an affiliate.

However, you can quickly recover your account by following the steps mentioned at the beginning of the document.

The second scenario is when you are breaking the Redbubble rules repeatedly, like uploading a lot of copyrighted content that you do not own.

In this case, it will be challenging for you to unsuspend your account because it is unethical to do so, and it violates their terms.

However, there can be scenarios where you were not aware that the designs were copyrighted or you did buy the royalty for commercial use. 

So you can definitely reach out to Redbubble through their support email and provide your reason and apologize to them.

Most likely, you will get back your account.

But once you get it, make sure you fix the issues and never do it again.

That’s all I have for now.

I hope you find this article useful. 

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