Why Aren’t Your Teespring Products Selling? (One Crucial Mistake)

In this article, I am going to discuss some of the common mistakes and one crucial mistake most beginners make that ruins them from selling on Teespring.

Most Teespring beginners are not aware of the trust score and often neglected it.

However, this can have a huge impact on their sales and sometimes they never make a sale on Teespring.

Update: Since now there is no Teespring marketplace, you can ignore the trust score factor and focus on driving traffic to your store. Here you can find my best tips to get sales on Teespring.

So what is a Teespring trust score?

Teespring trust score is an internal metric that is used by their algorithm to decide whether they should show your designs on their marketplace or not.

The challenge here is you will not be able to get insights on your Teespring trust score and so it is crucial to follow all the criteria.

So what factors contribute to your Teespring trust score?

  • Your sales history
  • Compliance with their policy
  • Verified payment method

To gain their trust score you should get some initial sales on your own and get your payment details verified.

Also, getting your first few sales does not mean that you have a great trust score.

It just means that you will be assigned a trust score.

Copyright infringement, spam in your product title and description can decrease your trust score and your products may not be displayed in the Teespring marketplace.

In addition to taking care of all the above-mentioned points, it is also very critical to verify your payment details.

This will ensure that you are a real person and gives a boost to your overall trust score.

If you do not verify your payment details and followed all the other aspects of gaining a trust score it is still useless.

So, if you have not verified your payment details then do it right away.

To summarize, below are the reasons why you are not selling on Teespring.

  1. unverified payment details
  2. Using spam words like the limited offer, trending in your product title and description
  3. Using copyrighted designs on your product. Example: Disney
  4. Creating multiple Teespring accounts
  5. Trying to manipulate the Teespring system.
  6. No sales history
  7. Creating average designs on a highly competitive niche.

These are the reasons why you are not selling on Teespring.

So if you do the opposite of the things mentioned above, you will start getting sales on Teespring.