5 Teespring Tips To Make More Sales (Examples And Screenshots)

In this article, I am going to share my top five tips to become a successful seller on Teespring in 2021 and beyond. Let’s get straight into it.


My Top 5 Teespring Tips For Beginners And Veterans

Create best sellers

Teespring has rebranded and changed its website URL to spri.ng and now there is no marketplace for you to list your products.

The only option that you have now is to drive traffic to your store all by yourself and we all know that is not very easy.

The worst part is not making sales after spending a lot of time and energy driving targeted traffic to your store and not making any sales.

When I was starting, I had spent a couple of hundred dollars on Instagram shoutout and end up making zero sales on Teespring.

The reason was, I was having t-shirt designs that I like but not what people want to buy. So, the first step to making sales on Teespring is to have best sellers on your Teespring store.

You need not be a great designer to create best sellers as simple text designs are being sold 10,000+ times. You can visit this Etsy shop for inspiration.

Source: PrintAndArrow

A Redbubble shop that you can use as an inspiration.

Source: Chestify

In case you find the text-based designs are saturated in your niche, then you can pair premade vectors with the text and put them on t-shirts. (I have covered this information below)

So, all you need to do is find those best sellers and use them as an inspiration to create your own designs.

You can watch the below video to understand how to find and model the best-selling designs in your niche that are simple yet make you a ton of sales.

Learn to model best selling t-shirt designs

Proper Account Setup

Setting up the account and store properly will help in building a strong foundation and will ensure you need not spend time making changes to your store or Teespring account frequently.

After you setup your store and uploaded your designs your only goal should be to drive traffic and sales.

So, you should not be logging into your Teespring account every day to make changes as that will keep you working on your account than focusing on driving traffic to your store.

I would recommend you to take a few more extra days to properly set up your Teespring account and storefront before promoting it.

This way you can spend your time and money in getting traffic and sales which is your ultimate goal.

I recommend you to check out the below resources that will help you set up your account and storefront in the right way.

Optimize your listings

Websites like Teespring have a good domain authority on Google. So if you have an SEO-optimized listing then you can rank on search engines and drive organic targeted traffic to your listings.

Search Engine Optimization may sound like a rocket since but it doesn’t have to be for optimizing your Teespring listing.

Follow the steps mentioned below to perfectly optimize your listing.

Save your designs with the search terms separated by hyphens.

For example, if you are creating a t-shirt for dog lovers then save your image as, dog-shirt on your computer and upload it to Teespring.

Use the search phrase in your listing title

You have to mention the search phrase that your customers would search up on Google and other search engines.

Make sure not to stuff your keywords in your title, make it sound natural.

Example: I Love My Dog – Funny pet

In the above title, we have the keywords, dog and love which we want to optimize.


Use the search phrase in your listing description

Similar to your listing title, use your keywords naturally in the description. You can refer to the screenshot for a description example.

Also, try not to have any grammatical errors. You can use a free tool like Grammarly to check for spelling and grammatical errors. Here is the link to Grammarly.

Use the search phrase in your listing URL

Finally, make sure to use your keywords in the listing URL as well. It need not be exactly similar to the title. In fact, it is a best practice to skip-stop words in the title when optimizing for SEO.

Here is a list of stop words that you can avoid.

That’s it. Those are the four areas to optimize for SEO.

You can read more about optimizing your listing, dos and don’ts from here.

One traffic source

When you are starting out, focus on one traffic source.

It can be a blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or any other platform but focus on one platform at a time.

Making people buy from social media without any retargeting ads is not as easy as it used to be in 2016. So, you need to put all your efforts into growing and learning the selling strategy in a single platform before moving to another.

Remember, “The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side “

I would recommend you not to jump platforms because you didn’t see any result. Making adjustments to your existing scenario will turn things around quicker than building something from scratch.

Create a Vibe

One of the most important factors to increase conversion and making consistent sales is to create a vibe.

The theme of your store, the font that you use on your products, the colors that you use should be consistent everywhere.

Add a custom domain to your Teespring store similar to your social media page names. In case you cannot find one, try to match them as close as possible. You can also rename the social media pages to your custom domain. Here you can find a step-by-step guide to adding a custom domain to Teespring.

You should develop a similar vibe on your Instagram or other social media platform. Keep the color, fonts, and theme similar to your Teespring store so when a person visits your store from your Instagram page, they are more likely to purchase.

Having a consistent theme in social media profiles, Ads (if you are running) and your Teespring store is very important to create a vibe and dramatically increase your sales.

These are my top five tips for Teespring, I hope you found them useful.

Before you leave, I thought two more bonus Teespring tips will help speed up the whole process.

Here you go!

Bonus Teespring Tips:

If you want to level up your game and start making a full-time income then you should start doing things differently.

Using premade templates and using automation in your print-on-demand business will save you a lot of time and speed up the whole process.

This way you can get things done quicker and move up the ladder faster.

Ok, now let me explain to you everything about premade templates and automation so you can get started right away.

Use premade templates:

Premade design templates are nothing but vectors that you can use on your print-on-demand store without designing from scratch.

Let’s say that you want to create a dog lover t-shirt like the one below.

Premade dog vector for commercial use

Instead of creating the dog on your own, you can use websites that provide vectors with commercial license.

There are many websites out there that provide premade designs but most do not allow you to upload to a print-on-demand store. You can only use them for one specific client or on your own website and offline businesses.

There are sites like Freepik that allow you to modify and use the vectors on POD sites but that doesn’t suit the needs of a nondesigner.

If you are a designer and willing to modify the vectors and use them, then I recommend you to check out Freepik here.

In case you want to directly use the designs on your Teespring store, then I recommend you to check out these two websites.

If you want to take it a step further and just modify the text of a design and use it then I recommend you to try Placeit. Check the t-shirt designer here.

Automate your work

If you are uploading your designs on multiple platforms and planning to scale then you need automation to upload all the designs from one place.

I am aware of a tool, Merch informer that does the automation for you but it would cost you around $60 per month for the business plan. so, I recommend you to use this if you are making at least $100 per month and you don’t have time to upload to multiple platforms.

In any case, you can use use the basic plan which is around $10 and use it for product and keyword research. You can check merch informer here.

These are my best tips for you to increase your sales and become successful on Teespring.

I wish you all the very best in your print-on-demand journey.