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How Many Twitter Followers Do You Need To Make Money


    Alright, let's get into the topic right away, how many twitter followers do you need to make money?

    Honestly speaking, you do not need 1000(s) of followers to make money on twitter. However here you can learn some simple and easy ways to get real Twitter followers.

    The way Twitter works is different than other platforms.

    Having a good number of followers is good because it will definitely increase your sales and revenue.

    However, it is not mandatory to have lots of followers to make money on twitter.

    You can literally make money with 100 to 200 followers, and I will explain that below with my case study.

    The only thing that you will need is an offer or a service to promote to your audience.

    If you do not have a product, then affiliate marketing is the best and easy way to make money using twitter without huge investment or followers.

    Below is my twitter account which I started recently for experiment purpose.


    I had a couple of strategies to grow my followers, and I started with the usual plan.

    Follow and unfollow

    I went with this approach as I had success with Instagram with this method.

    To my surprise, I found better results in twitter than Instagram.


    In twitter, you will find more B2B audience than on Instagram. So many people were reciprocating when I followed them.

    Whenever someone followed me, I too followed back.

    Very soon I was able to grow 100 followers in 3 days (Which is a good number for a brand new account)

    I had an optimized profile with my website name on it and received a few clicks.

    However, there was one exciting thing that I noticed while growing my followers.
    Guess what?

    Almost 99% of them were sending a DM to me to promote their products and services.

    Which is what I was also doing.

    I was sending auto DM to each person who was following me.

    Even people with substantial twitter followers were not getting high engagement in their accounts.

    But one particular type of accounts was winning!

    The accounts that had B2B services and offered to promote.

    So for the "make money online" niche, I found that follow and unfollow doesn't work unless you have a business to business service.

    But many affiliate marketers and social media agencies were doing great.

    They didn't have massive followers, but still, their income report was mind-blowing.

    Read along to find it out...

    Here is how you can make money with fewer followers!

    Nowadays, everything is data-driven.

    According to recent studies, an average tweet reach dies quicker than most other social media platforms.

    So in twitter, you have tweeted at least 12 times a day.


    You can easily do this with automation tools like crowd fire. Or ​post planner.

    Most clicks and impression you are gonna get from people who are not following your account.

    So your strategy should be to reach as many twitter audience as possible by tweeting regularly. 

    Personally, I use both post planner and crowd fire to manage multiple twitter accounts.

    One of the features I like is they identify the best time to tweet where your audience is very active.

    Besides, you can also curate contents to tweet in a few seconds. So you are never out of ideas to tweet.

    You can also recycle your performing tweets, and after a month you can have this running on auto-pilot.

    I am currently running 8 twitter account and posting 16 times every day, but I spend a max of 2 hours every week to schedule my tweets.

    That's all I do for my twitter account.

    All you have to do is tweet 12 to 15 times every day with relevant hashtags and engaging tweets.


    Try to have a mix of tweets like info-graphics, blog posts, images and quotes.

    By doing this, you will find lots of impressions and clicks to your tweets.

    You will get website clicks directly from your tweet or from your profile when they visit.

    I sometimes even get traffic to my site form my Twitter banner.

    You do not need a website to make sales, as in twitter you can post your affiliate links.


    You do not need a lot of followers to make money on Twitter.

    Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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