How Do You Change Pinterest Board Name? (5 Steps With Images)

Change Pinterest board name by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Log in to Pinterest

Log in to your Pinterest account that contains the board you want to rename.


Step 2: Find Your Board

Once you are logged in, navigate to your Pinterest profile and move to the Saved tabs where you can find all your boards.


Step 3: Open Your Board

Now from the list of boards, open the board that you want to change the name.


Step 4: Edit Your Board

Click the three dots next to the board name to edit the board. As an alternative, you can also directly go to the edit mode by hovering over the board and clicking the pencil button.

Step 5: Change Your Board Name

Now delete the old board name in the Name field box and provide a new name to the board.

You have successfully changed your Pinterest board name.