7 Tips to write Best Fiverr Profile Description (Stand Out From The Crowd)

With over 3 million buyers and less than a million sellers, Fiverr is one of the top freelancing platforms for people to do business.

However, to stand out from the many sellers who offer similar services, you need to make a good impression by writing an outstanding profile description.

So, in this article, I am going to show you, how to write a Fiverr profile description with examples that makes anyone buy your service.

But before we get started, it is important to understand why you need to give importance to your Fiverr profile description.

Why your Fiverr profile description is especially important?

First impressions matter and that is true for any relationships and businesses.

It is said that what someone thinks of you within the first few moments of the meeting is often what lasts with them long after the meeting is over.

Like your profile picture, your Fiverr profile description is the first thing buyers see before they initiate contact.

It plays a huge role in determining whether a buyer will reach out to you or not. That is why you must pay attention to the impression you are giving off about yourself and the services you sell.

Common mistakes sellers make when writing a profile description

Let us start by looking at some of the mistakes and oversights sellers make when writing their profile description.

Poor sentence structure and grammar

Sellers who do not know the importance or who do not care about their profile description end up writing it casually without much thought.

They do not spend time and energy to craft a profile description that makes them stand out.

Because of this, they write their profile description making all kinds of avoidable mistakes that lead to poor sentence structures and grammatical errors which encourages buyers to bounce off their profile without a second thought.

You can use software like Grammarly that helps detect spelling and grammatical errors while writing your profile description. Check the Grammarly tool here.

Information overload

In a bid struggle to impress buyers, a common mistake by sellers is to try to give off too much information.

They try to say everything.

They go on describing themselves and achievements without giving any thought to the buyer.

The result is a self-centered and rigid profile description that does not connect with the buyer in any way.

No call to action

Buyers are more likely to bounce off your profile without initiating contact if you do not have a call to action section in your profile description.

Without a skillfully written call to action, buyers lack the much-needed push they need to reach out to clarify any issues or questions that need to be answered.

Let us look at a well-written profile description that lacks a call to action section.

A Fiverr Profile Description Without A Call To Action

While buyers may reach out to this seller, this profile description will be more effective if it has a call to action sentence.

Effective tips to write the best Fiverr profile description

To write an amazing and effective profile description there are important tips to keep in mind that will guide you to maximize the limited characters provided by Fiverr for your profile description.

Below are some of the useful tips to write the best Fiverr profile description.

Look at what others are doing

This may seem utterly irrelevant but looking at how other sellers preferably those who offer the same services as you write their profile description is the first step to writing a great description.

You will see all kinds of profile descriptions, ranging from those full of mistakes to the professionally written ones.

Your job is to learn from the best and avoid the mistakes of the poor ones.

Do not copy their profile description as your own, instead study how they wrote theirs, the structure, and use of words.

They are the best for a reason, you can pick a thing or two from many of the best sellers and creatively incorporate it into your own.

Do not just study one amazing profile description and then try to write your own, study many.

The good poet welds his theft into a whole of feeling which is unique, utterly different from that from which it was torn” – By T.S Eliot.

Write in basic and correct English

Simplicity is gold.

In a world characterized by complexities in virtually all walks of life, simplicity has become a new art.

People who stand out are those who can share their ideas in a simple yet effective way.

With that in mind, you should commit to making your profile description easy to understand.

Most Fiverr users are non-native English speakers and may not be very conversant with ‘big words’. So, ensure that you avoid the usage of any word that people may not easily understand.

Worse are spelling or grammatical mistakes. Proofread your profile description thoroughly before you upload it.

Have someone do the proofreading to spot overlooked mistake of any sort.

You can as well use software like Grammarly that helps detect spelling and grammatical errors while writing your profile description.

Remember, first impressions matter, you do not want to send an impression that you are not excellent, or you do not pay attention to detail.

Introduce yourself briefly

In a sentence or two, tell people who you are and what you do.

Do this creatively, mention your name or your company’s name and what you do.

Do not add any excessive baggage about yourself or try to write a lengthy introduction about yourself.

Highlight your work experience

After you have introduced yourself, the next thing is to summarize your work experience.

While this is meant to be done in a professional way, you can to be as creative as possible to make your profile description unique.

Look at the profile description below, that looks more like a CV, you will notice that it does not connect to the buyer in any way.

Buyers are more like to bounce off profile descriptions like this one.

Do not keyword stuff your Fiverr profile description.

Tell the buyer about your work experience that is relevant to the service(s) you offer but do this in a skilful and easily readable way.

Share work experiences that make you stand out from other sellers in your field.

Tell them how long you have been working on the service you sell and how you have helped people achieve their goals with your skills.

Do not add work experiences that are irrelevant to the buyer and do not lie about your portfolio.

If you have a short work experience pertaining to the service you are selling, you should state it and be comfortable doing that. There is no need to lie.

Do not lie about your work experience in a bid to win the buyer’s trust, this will do you more harm than any good.

Stick with what you can offer. Be yourself, no need for fake portfolios.

Connect to the buyers’ needs

Your success on any freelance platform depends largely on the level of satisfaction your customers experience working with you.

Fiverr is no different.

Let the buyers know from your description that you genuinely care, and you are genuinely concerned about their needs.

If you do this creatively, you will connect with the buyer, and s/he will be enthusiastic about working with you.

For instance, look at a section of this profile description:

A convincing statement in the Fiverr Profile description.

Notice the use of bold letters to highlight the keyword.

Also, look another section of a profile description that seeks to connect with the buyer:

Attention grabbing Fiverr Profile description.

Your goal is to generate confidence and trust in the buyer. If you do this skilfully, the buyer will be encouraged to reach out to you.

It is often said that a customer will remember his or her experience with you in terms of the service you offered long after they have forgotten about the price they paid.

This may not always be true, but it gives an idea of how important customer satisfaction is.

Keep it clear, concise, and effective

It is your profile description that will give buyers the first impression of your personality.

It is what suggests to a buyer that they may enjoy working with you, so do not make your profile description unreadable and complex.

Keep it clear: let buyers be able to easily understand what you want to communicate.

Keep in concise: a vital part of creativity is knowing what to leave out or remove in your art.

According to a study by Microsoft, the attention span of a human is 8 seconds.

Reading long paragraphs is boring.

There is so much to be said and you simply cannot say everything or tell the buyer everything about you, knowing what to include and remove is a vital part of writing a great profile description.

600 characters are just not enough.

Your ability to share all that is needed with the limited characters in a unique way is what will make your profile description stand out.

So, always remember to keep it simple and to the point when writing each sentence.

Call the buyer to action

Finally, is as simple as it sounds.

Call the buyer to action is an important aspect of your profile description.

Due to the limited characters provided for your profile description, you cannot say everything or be able to answer every potential question or concerns that your potential buyers have.

If you do not have a call to action section written in a skilful way, buyers are more likely to leave your profile without reaching out to you if they lack clarity or have questions.

However, your call to action will serve as the needed push and encouragement buyers need to reach to you if they have any unanswered questions or concerns, they need to be alleviated.


Our top profile description sample is shown below, take some time to study.

Fiverr Profile Description Example -1

You will agree with me that the profile descriptions above have the necessary points to make a seller well sought. A seller with a well-written profile description is more likely to land more jobs than a seller who does not.

Another Fiverr Profile Description Example:

Fiverr Profile Description Example -2

The importance of your profile description cannot be overemphasized.

It is what makes you stand out; it plays a key role to differentiate the sellers who come out on top as the best sellers and those who do not.

An impressively crafted profile description will make the buyer reach out to you.

If you want to grow from a seller in desperate need of jobs to a best seller who has a lot of orders start by writing a great profile description.

Apply all these tips to write an amazing Fiverr profile description.

Do not leave your profile description to chance. Spend your time to craft a Fiverr profile description befitting the service you sell.

Note that your profile description is just one step that helps to land a job on Fiverr, it’s your communication skills and your excellence at the service you offer that will eventually lead to your long term success on Fiverr.

Having an outstanding Fiverr profile description helps to keep the ball rolling but at the same time you should make sure deliver the work in an outstanding manner.

So, your one-time customer becomes a regular buyer.

All the best!