Why Does Survey Junkie Need Your Address? (Revealed)

Wondering why does Survey Junkie need your address?

When you initially signup with them you will be asked to take a survey where you are taken through a list of personal questions which includes your address as well.

or sometimes you receive a call and asked to provide some personal details.

Whatever may be the case, this definitely makes anyone think why would Survey Junkie need my address or zip code.

Not to worry!

Today I am going to explain the reasons why Survey Junkie needs your address in this article.

But before that, here are some stats.

Today about 43 million US citizens get paid online through side gigs.

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to complete surveys.

Survey junkie is one of the few reputable platforms that keep to their words when it comes to paying users for completing surveys.

And when you initially signup with them you will be asked to take a survey where you are taken through a list of personal questions that sometimes include your address as well.

Survey Junkie asks for your address and Zip code as that will help market research companies locate the type of people they are looking for and provide you with relevant surveys.

This information will help you get more relevant surveys as well as get paid more for the surveys that you take.

Also, sometimes Survey Junkie asks you to provide your address or call you to verify your identity before processing your payment.

It is more like a verification process they have in place to make sure you are a real person who is taking the surveys.

Do you know? – There are three ways you can use to withdraw your money from your Survey Junkie account?

Related Questions

When does Survey Junkie agents call you?

As per the information on their website, a Survey Junkie customer support representative will call you before processing your redemption.

You can expect a phone call verification when you are using E-Giftcards or PayPal as an option to withdraw the money.

However, when you use direct bank transfer, you will not have to go through any verification process since you will be using a unique U.S. bank account.

Does Survey Junkie Sell your information?

No, Survey Junkie is a reputed company that is in the business for a very long time and they are completely legit.

Asking some personal questions may trigger these questions in the mind. However, survey companies need such information to provide you the relevant surveys.

Are there other websites similar to Survey Junkie?

There are many websites that help you to earn money by completing surveys. However, it is important to join companies that have a good reputation.

Below are some of the legit companies that will help you to earn money for completing simple tasks.

  • InboxDollars
  • Pinecone Research
  • LifePoints
  • OpinionCity

Can you make a full time income completing surveys?

You cannot expect to make a full-time income by taking surveys. Even if you join multiple websites, it is difficult to make a living from the money that you earn from those websites.

The points that you accumulate from those websites can help you with some extra cash and you should not rely on it like a regular job.

Are there any other ways to make a full-time income from home?

Starting a blog, Creating a YouTube channel, Freelancing are some of the proven reliable sources of income while working from home.

So, focus on acquiring the skills to become a blogger, YouTuber, or freelancer.

I hope these answers some of your question.

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All the best!