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ViralTek Review – In-Depth & 100% Brutally Honest


    ViralTek cloud-solution

    In this ViralTek review, I am going to be straight up and say right now that this software blew me away!

    However, I recommend you to be aware of the pros and cons of the product and then decide to make a purchase.


    Now without any further delay, let's see what this product has to offer!

    So, what is ViralTek?

    It is an all in one social media marketing automation software which can be used to syndicate 10+ different social media accounts under a single cloud solution.

    So whenever you upload new content, it gets blasted to all the connected social media accounts.

    This will help you drive massive targeted traffic to your products and affiliate offers and it can also be used to rank your YouTube videos and blog posts.

    I know it sounds too good to be true, but that's the real potential of this viral solution.

    ViralTek Use Case


    Let me show you how am I going to use ViralTek to increase my earnings in the near future and show you some interesting stats.

    In the last ten days, I made the above sales on auto-pilot with one of my digital products.

    I posted my link on my FB group and Pinterest Account and now I keep making sales like this every 15 days.

    Amazing right?

    However, I am leaving a lot of money on the table!

    As you can see, I have a pretty good conversion, but the traffic is very less.

    Yes, the problem is the traffic.

    When we are doing multiple things at a time, we usually tend to focus on the one that yields more money.

    And as this is just a small product, I ignored and focused on other crucial things.

    But wait!

    What if I can send traffic to this product 24X7 without me doing any additional work?


    That would certainly 2X my sales if not more.

    By using ViralTek, I can publish content on multiple platforms in one go and drive traffic to my product 24X7 without me taking out extra time to bring more sales.


    Why should you use ViralTek?

    Everyone prefers to automate most of their online business process so that it become hands-free and starts bringing passive income.

    Smart people are either hiring virtual assistants to do the job or they automate their business using technology.

    So if you want a system to drive substantial traffic to your affiliate links, products or services, then ViralTek is for you.

    What are the features of ViralTek?

    I went through the software and was mind blown by it's potential, simplicity and ease of use.

    Here is a short demo Video:

    Now let's look at some key features!

    Multi-platform syndication


    ViralTek Review- Social Accounts

    ViralTek supports plenty of social media integration, but I would target the below platforms first:

    Facebook Groups

    Gone are the days of using Facebook pages to drive traffic. Facebook has limited the page reach, but still, they promote FB groups crazily.

    So if you don't have a FB group in your niche, consider creating one and immediately syndicate to your ViralTek account.

    I would say this is a must if you want to make consistent sales.

    Just don't take my word; here is my FaceBook group!

    I practice what I preach 🙂


    ViralTek Review - Using FB Group


    Firstly, Pinterest is a combination of search and social which means the pins are going to stay there for years like a blog post on Google.

    More and more people are getting into Pinterest, and in recent times, Pinterest is making a lot of changes to its algorithm.

    So I suggest you to get into the market as soon as possible before it's too late.

    Here is my Pinterest profile that I started recently.


    ViralTek Review - Using Pinterest


    Many would say Twitter is a waste of time, but that's because they don't know to use it correctly.

    The best part about Twitter is you don't need a huge following, but you need to tweet at least 20 to 30 times per day with a cool gif and some targeted hashtags.

    To tweet multiple times every day, you will need some automation tool and ViralTek is one such software.

    Below is my inactive Twitter account, which I am planning to automate using ViralTek.


    ViralTek Review - Using Twitter

    ViralTek Post Scheduler


    ViralTek Post Scheduler

    You can schedule post at a specific time using ViralTek, and the tool will automatically publish to all the connected social media accounts.

    This is the best feature you can get for such a low price when compared to other applications like Buffer, which has daily limits and highly-priced.

    ViralTek Image Editor


    ViralTek Image Editor

    You can use this feature to add watermarks to your social media posts.

    Use this tool to edit images in bulk and post them to different platforms.

    As simple as that.

    Frankly, this feature can be a separate product all together.

    You can make and save money just by using this tool. People are paying $10 for every 20-post bulk edit in Fiverr.

    Maybe you can offer this service on the side and make some quick money.

    ViralTek Collage


    Viral Tek Collage

    You can also make a collage on the fly and come up with something beautiful and creative posts.

    Also, it has a straightforward and easy to use layout, which makes anyone to get started in no time.

    These are some of the key features, but there are many more.

    To keep it simple,

    Here is my overall ViralTek reviewIt's a software for anyone who wants to drive a lot of traffic to their products and services. Looking at the cloud-based feature, ease of use and the price point, I will highly recommend ViralTek for both beginner and experienced online entrepreneurs.

    There are few OTO's or Upsells:

    Here are my thoughts!

    OTO 1 of ViralTek will give you unlimited accounts for all platforms.

    You should buy this if you are running or planning to run a social media agency or if you are promoting products or offering services in multiple niches.

    OTO 2 of ViralTek will have done for your materials

    You shall buy in case you want to save more time.

    OTO 3 of ViralTek will give you Agency Rights

    If you have an audience, you can sell this software to them and make some extra money.

    OTO 4 of ViralTek will give you access to IM Traffic Academy AKA Traffic Gold

    Frankly, I have not gone through the training, and so I can't provide feedback on this.

    Even if you don't purchase OTO 4, my killer bonuses will cover the traffic part.

    To help you get started right away, I have included all the vendor bonuses and my personal support.

    Personal support is way more valuable than any other bonuses. This is the first time I am including it as a bonus.

    FB Group setup is vital to explode your group members and reduce spammers. 

    My best secret to create amazing pins quickly is finally revealed in this bonus.

    Finally, I am including all the below vendor bonuses.


    After years of struggle, I learned that it doesn't matter how good is the product, when you can't drive enough traffic to the site then you can't make enough sales.

    Get all the bonuses, my free personal support and the fantastic software when you buy through the links on this page.

    ViralTek Verdict









    • A complete traffic automation solution
    • No Installation required, cloud based solution
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Bug free software
    • Trustworthy product creators


    • Traffic generation training is not in detail, especially optimizing your FB, and Pinterest accounts but I have added them as a part of my bonuses.

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