What Do The Diamonds Mean On Survey Junkie?

If you are in Survey Junkie, then probably you are confused about the colors of the diamonds on each survey. In this article, you will come to know everything about the diamonds and the meaning of the colors.

There are two colors of Diamonds:

  1. Green Diamond
  2. Red/Brown Diamond

The diamond color signifies the chances of getting qualified for the survey.

A green diamond survey indicates a high probability of you getting qualified for the survey, and on the other hand, a red indicates a low chance of getting qualified for the survey.

I couldn’t find this information on the Survey Junkie site, but this is something that I found by researching.

However, it is vital to note that, most of the time, the diamond colors don’t work correctly.

Here is why:

The number one reason is providing incorrect information while setting up your profile.

All the surveys are suggested based on the inputs that you provided during your profile setup. Also, sometimes this can happen when you forget to update your profile.

If you are in any of the above two scenarios, go and retake the initial questions and provide an honest answer.

This will definitely help the system to indicate the correct diamond color and increase your chances of getting qualified for the survey.

You need not worry when you share your personal information as most survey companies go through frequent audit process by the government.

However, make sure to join a legit survey company that has a good reputation.

​Use the diamond colors to your advantage and start making some extra money through online surveys.

Related Questions:

How to get high paying surveys on Survey Junkie?

High paying surveys are provided to people who have been taking surveys for a while and have good engagement rates on the survey.

So to qualify for high paying surveys, you will need to listen and answer the questions honestly.

This may look very simple, but many people do not pay attention to the questions, and they provide random answers without reading.

Only people engage with the survey well get the opportunity to take high paying surveys.

Why do you not qualify for a survey on Survey Junkie?

Sometimes you do not qualify for a survey simply because your profile does not match the survey’s requirements.

There are other common reasons not to get enough Survey opportunities because you have not completed your previous survey or did not provide an honest answer to the questions.

You may often come across the same question with a different scenario, and if you are not reading and answering them, you may give a different opinion.

This contradicting opinion for the same question will imply that you were not paying attention to the survey, which could lead to fewer survey opportunities in the future.

How much can you make with Survey Junkie?

You can make anywhere from $0.10 to $1.00 per survey.

On average, you can make $0.20 per survey. In addition to that, you can also make money through referrals.

So, if you have a huge audience, then you can make $300 to $1000 or even more through referral commission.

It’s good to note that there is a payout threshold limit of $10, so you need to have at least $10 to withdraw as PayPal cash.

How legit is Survey Junkie? 

Survey Junkie is a 100% legitimate company which is there for a very long time. 

The buzz around legitimacy is because of the wrong expectation.

You can earn some extra cash from Survey Junkie and get the money into your PayPal account, but you cannot become wealthy by just taking Surveys.

Does Survey Junkie have a referral program?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier, they do have a referral program, and you can make $1.50 per qualified sign up. 

Imagine how much will you make by referring 5 people per day!

You will make $150 per month just for referring people to Survey Junkie.

However, they also have a cap of 300 members. They evaluate the quality of your traffic and decide whether to continue with your referrals or not.

There are a lot more things going on with Survey Junkie. So, make sure to read my In-depth and 100% brutally honest Survey Junkie review and decide if it is worth your time.