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Survey Club Honest Review 2019

    In this article, I am going to give you an honest Survey Club review and break down all the information for you to decide if it is for you or not.

    There are lots of survey sites, and it is challenging to find good ones.

    Many mass affiliate sites have taken up the internet space, and they are one of the main reasons for the growing scam sites.

    Basically, these sites are capable of driving a massive volume of traffic, and they redirect to other websites, which actually run surveys.

    I am not saying all sites are bad, there are amazing affiliates sites, e.g., Trivago in the travel niche.

    OK, now without deviating from our topic, let's get into it.

    Here is my honest Survey Club review!

    Let's look at Survey Club history and see how long they've been in the market.

    Survey Club started in 2005, Colorado in the United States.

    According to their official page, they have one million members in their community.

    Though many may not be active, still one million is still a vast number.

    And this gives a positive sign.

    So how do they make money? 

    They make money mainly through referral commission.

    They also make money through their own survey program, but that's just a small portion.

    And as a member, you make money by completing surveys.

    More information about the process is covered below.

    Now let's look at the signup process.

    How to sign up with Survey Club?

    To join Survey Club is absolutely free of charge and signing up is also fast and easy.

    Just fill in the information by following the prompts to complete your account setup:

    • Employment profile
    • Your income information
    • Health and lifestyle

    You need not write a long answer, a short and straightforward response should do.

    However,you will face a challenge at the third step with the third party.

    As I mentioned earlier, Survey Club doesn't operate independently.

    They act as a middle man to drive traffic to other survey panels.

    So, you will have to sign-up with those platforms to give surveys.

    Of course, they're all legitimate panels ready to help you make more money.

    However, it is frustrating to join all of them after signing up with Survey Club.

    Though you are not obliged to join them, avoiding them will reduce your earnings to a minimal amount.

    But if you don't join any of them right away, you'll later be redirected automatically to sign up with them.

    You really can't avoid.

    So, if you don't mind joining a couple of other Survey panels, then you can definitely try Survey Club.

    โ€‹Are you eligible?

    Currently, Survey Club operates in the United States, Canada and Australia only. 

    Most popular survey sites don't have opportunities for international users to make extra income online.

    As they act as a middle man, they have to follow the rules of the other sites.

    Though that's bad news, it's good news for people in the operation zones.

    They also have some age requirements, which is confusing at times.

    In the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Survey Club states the minimum age is at least 13 years with parental permission, while the Terms of Service mentions 18 years as the age for creating a Survey Club account.

    More importantly, the Terms of Service states that: "Survey Club is concerned about the safety and privacy of all its users, especially children."

    And that accounts for the reason for pushing the age to at least 18 years to create a Survey Club account.

    So, you need to stick to the age requirement rule because if you're underage, you will forfeit your earnings.

    How Much Can You Earn With Survey Club?

    Survey Clubs doesn't offer colossal reimbursement just like other competitors.

    At least, your earnings will range from 50ยข to $5 for each survey, depending on how long a study lasts.

    But longer surveys are scarce.

    Another thing is, Group surveys rarrely come your way, even though they are most alluring earning opportunities.

    With that, whatever you earn is far less than what they give you in return.

    I've even found a clinical research report mentions a focus group survey in exchange for a cool $1,000, though I'm yet to confirm it, this is very rare.

    I'm only saying it for the sake of honesty.

    Furthermore, Survey Club, like other survey panels, is very strict on eligibility.

    It is difficult to qualify for their surveys which lasts for up to six days.

    So, instead they recommend other survey panels for you, but you can also sign up with other ones and avoid them.

    There is also a $25 threshold to cash out your earnings.

    Considering the amount of money you make per survey, you will need 50 surveys to cash out your money.

    Assuming that you qualify for all of them.

    Looking at these stats, the Survey Club doesn't look like a great opportunity.

    Ways to increase your earnings!

    You must respond quickly to survey invitations that Survey Club creates. 

    Because the more surveys you complete, the quicker you reach the payout threshold.

    Another opportunity to maximize your earnings is through their referral program.

    Because anytime someone signs up with your link, you get $1 credited to your account.

    This means that, if you have a lot of followers on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you'll quickly earn a lot of money using the referral program.

    Easy, isn't it?

    Now, you let's look at the positive side of Survey Club.

    They have good payment options, and you can either redeem a  an s Amazon gift card or cash out as money. 

    Also, their focus group pays very well. 

    You can't refuse a $200 rare offer for an hour focus group survey.

    And that should also remind you of the $1,000 clinical research survey, if only that were it's true!

    Again, the site is legitimate with all contact information clearly available on the site to show they're not scammers.

    So, anyone who has used Survey Club testifies that they're without blemish.

    You also need to be ready for the bad news!

    Because you should understand that the panel is only a middleman.

    And from what I've gathered, it earns through the commissions it gets from the various other survey sites such as Inbox Dollars.

    Though that isn't wrong, you can make more money by joining those survey sites directly.

    You must not also forget how difficult it is to qualify for their surveys.

    Through their surveys are short and more manageable, you may not be eligible for your claims in the end.

    That's good-for-nothing, or you can even call it "much ado about nothing".

    Even if you qualify, the pay you receive is very low for all their surveys.

    So, if you struggle very hard to be eligible, your returns, in the end, will not compensate for the effort you put in. 

    Imagine wasting half an hour to qualify for the first successful survey only to earn $0.50.

    Is your time not worth more than that?

    Tell you what?

    That's not all, because you should be ready to receive a series of countless emails that never fetch you any money.

    What are others saying about Survey Club?

    Eddy from says "Survey Club lack real survey opportunities."


    Wallace form says "If you are looking for a way to make some extra pocket money by filling out survey questions all month then this might be the perfect opportunity for you."

    Worth watching:

    Video Source: Rags2Wealth

    My Conclusion:

    Personally, I wouldn't join the Survey Club fortwo reasons.

    • They don't have a lot of survey opportunities of their own. So you are limited in earnings.
    • Too many promotional emails, and unless you unsubscribe your Inbox will be filled with emails.
    • $25 payout threshold with limited survey options.

    Survey Club Review verdict: 

    Not recommended to join.

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