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This is one post is all that you will need to get a complete understanding of Printly, and in the end, you can make a clear decision if this is for you or not.

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If you have heard about the secret way of making money online and thought, there is nothing like that.

Then you are wrong, my friend!

Actually some sneaky small businesses make a considerable profit.

Before we get into Printly Review, let me tell you an interesting case study about a small business that makes an enormous profit.

I work as an IT engineer in India, and I used to buy printables for my house from a small shop close to my office gate.

The guy who sells these printables comes in a bicycle to sell it. Along with those, he also sells t-shirts for kids.

He used to come in the morning and stays till evening like me doing my 9 to 5 Job.

I used to wonder how much will he be making since there was a good number of people visiting his shop every day.

So one day I went to him and shamelessly asked him.

The answer he gave was a shocker!

Guess how much he was making?

He was making 2 to 3 times my monthly salary.

Yep, you heard me right.

One of the main reasons why people don’t make a lot of money is because of a lack of information.

We always underestimate small businesses, but they secretly make huge money.

Printly is one of those small businesses with huge potential.

Here is a detailed Printly Review

Printly is a step by step course by Ike, where he shows you how to make money online by selling printables.

Here you will be just making small printable templates but for high in demand items like calendars, quotes, invitations, wall decor, etc.…

As I told you, there is almost zero competition, and it’s an untapped market.

Ike uses the exact methods that he teaches inside Printly’s member’s area to make $200 per day.

If you ask me why he is revealing it that is because the competition is meager that even if a 10000 new people start, still there is an opportunity.

And of course, he is making a profit by selling his course, so it’s a win for him to disclose the secret about printables.

​Now let’s look at some highlights of Printly sales page

It is a beginner-friendly method to make money online, and it is for anyone who is looking to earn money online.

To implement printly and make money, you will just need to pay for the course, and all other tools that you will use will be free.

Seems there is also a section that covers how to drive free traffic to your printables.

It doesn’t take you a lot of time, and you can sell hundreds, even thousands of them once you create the templates using the free tools.

Once you get the hang of the business, it becomes completely passive, and you just need to check now and then.

Along with the course, there are also some bonuses offered by the vendor.

Here is the list:

  • Profitable niche list that you can use for the printly method
  • You also get free software that will help you in driving traffic to your printables
  • A case study where Brendan reveals how he makes $10,000 with affiliate marketing (Well now he is a super doper affiliate)

How much does it cost?

It will cost you around $14, and that is enough to get you started.

There are also some upsells, but I would personally recommend you just buy the frontend product and start taking action.

Because a lot of people but stuff but ever take action. Once you start making money with the method, you can always come back and buy the upsells.

Their upsells range from $30 to $90, and as I said, it’s not required to make money using Printly.

The best part is they have 30 days money-back guarantee, which makes it a no brainer.

Printly Review Closure Part

Here are my Pros and Cons of Printly course. You shall go through it and decide whether to buy the product or not.


  • Newbie friendly method
  • Over the shoulder training videos
  • Worldwide method
  • Untapped business


  • E-mail marketing training is a bit boring (You can actually watch the training on YouTube)
  • As the sales page claims, you will not get results in a few days. However, you will find results sooner than you expect.


If you are looking for a new method to make money online which is low cost and willing to put some work, then I will definitely recommend it.

Please do not buy this product if you are not planning to take action. As I said earlier, just buy the frontend product and later you can buy the upsells.

Visit sales page (Non-affiliate link)

Hope you enjoyed my printly review.

See you in another review.



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