Print On Demand Resources (Must-Haves For Everyone)

I have come up with a list of resources that will benefit you either if you are getting started or have been in the print-on-demand game for a while.

All tools and the websites mentioned here are personally used by me and they will definitely help you in your POD business.

I have provided the resources in a Q&A format so you know the purpose behind each of them and make the most out of every website.

With that being said, let’s get started.


Which websites provide color combinations with Hexcode for your designs?

You will often come across a situation where you want a background color that goes with the design or a color combination that goes well with your brand.

The below two websites will help you choose the perfect color combination.

Which website can I use to generate tags?

Most of the print-on-demand marketplace use tags to show up your designs to potential buyers. However, not everyone comes from an SEO background and ends up never making a sale though they had wonderful designs.

So, it is equally important to have the best tags for your designs if you are selling them on a POD marketplace.

I recommend you to try out the below website to find the best tags for your design.

What website can I use to check trademarks?

You never know that a word is copyrighted or trademarked and when used your design can be taken down or in the worse cases your account can be shut down completely.

To avoid any trademark-related issues, I recommend you to use the below websites to check trademarks before publishing a design.

Where to get Merch-ready graphic designs?

You can use vectors that are available to be sold commercially on POD sites with or without any modifications.

Basically, you can take a graphic or an image already created by someone, add a text caption, and directly upload it to POD sites.

I have seen many smart people use the readily available graphics to combine with a trending quote and make money selling t-shirts.

Some websites do not allow you to upload designs on POD sites but the below websites give you the license to upload to POD sites as well.

Is there any automation tool to publish the design to multiple platforms at a time?

Yes, Merch Informer’s business plan will help you automate the manual upload process especially when you are uploading designs on multiple print-on-demand platforms.

In addition to that they also help you with product and keyword research.

Is there an illustrator alternative without a monthly subscription?

I have always looked for great designing software like Adobe illustrator but do not have a subscription model.

Boom! I finally found one and happily using it since then, it is called affinity designer and you just have to make an inexpensive one-time payment.

Are there any online tools for designing using a desktop?

If you are not interested in learning a designing software, no problem. I was in the same situation when I first got started and the below online tools simply do the job to create some designs that can make you a ton of money.

Literally you do not need any designing skills, all you need is to know how to mix and match a few elements.

I recommend the below tools and Placeit is my personal favorite as you can customize some of the existing designs to align with your brand identity.

Is there any mobile app for creating designs?

If you like using mobile apps to create designs, especially text based designs then I recommend the below apps.

Even now I use these apps to quickly create some text designs when an idea pops up in my mind.

  • Wordswag (Android)
  • Typorama (iPhone)

Are there any Teespring alternatives?

We all know that Teespring was in the game for a very long time and most of us would have started with them. However, as they have removed their marketplace, you may be trying to find an alternative to Teespring.

Here are the best Teespring alternatives that you can use to sell your designs.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll be updating this list when I come across new tools and platforms.

So, please bookmark this post for future references.

Take Care!