11 Ways To Make Money Online With Google

Google is something that has become a part of our life.

We use Google for almost everything that we want to know about.

So why not make money online with Google?

I was doing a lot of research on Google, and I found that Google makes around 70% of its revenue from ads.

Yes, we know that Google has lots of different products and services, but their main income stream is formed advertisement.

Approximately 50B users search on Google every month and they worth several 100B dollars.

Looking at the audience size, I was sure that there will be some opportunity to make money on Google.

List Of Ways To Make Money Online With Google

After researching a lot, I came up with some promising methods for you. So please read the entire article to get the full benefit ?

Here goes method number one

Make Money With Google Opinion Rewards

Google has its own survey platform, and they use that to improve their products.

There are many survey opportunities out there which helps people to make some side income

But many are not aware that Google has its own survey platform.

The best part is that it can be done through your mobile by downloading the application.

There are some eligibility criteria to take up these surveys, you can read more here.

How much can you earn with Google Opinion Rewards?

You can make anywhere from 0.10 to $1.00 for every qualified survey that you complete.

If you are interested in making some nice money on the side while doing your full-time job, then try Survey Junkie.

Make Money With G Suite Referral Program

G Suite is a platform designed to keep businesses in mind.

They have products from small to large companies.

Google suite helps businesses to store and retrieve data in a more secure manner.

They also provide email, voice calls and chat services. Mainly they want to become an all in one platform for businesses.

G-Suite is slowly getting into the market and challenging Microsoft office 360.

So, if you want to make a good amount of money, this is the right time to join their referral program.

How much can you earn with the G Suite referral program?

You can earn $7.50 to $750 per business that signs up using your link.

Sign up with the G-Suite referral program!

Make Money Online With Google Maps

Google maps changed everything we had been doing for the last 10 years.

Nowadays, we use google maps even if we want to reach a shorter distance, just to analyze the traffic situation.

If we are new to a place, we use them to find restaurants, parks, parlor, etc.

So how are we going to use this to make money?

You don’t get cash but you get points which you can redeem.

Every time a new place opens up, it doesn’t show immediately on Google.

It takes anywhere from a week to a month to show up.

Many owners are not aware of listing them manually, and hence sometimes it never shows up.

This is where you come in and help Google by listing the places on Google maps around you and Google will reward you for that.

Along with that, you can also make money by posting reviews of the places you visited.

Follow the below simple steps to get started

That is all you need to do!

They also have a star system in place and higher your star, the more money you make.

So, to increase your star, you will need to visit more places and review them.

Hope you like this small side hustle ?

Make Money Online With Google Maps -Part 2

Go to Google and search for something like “Best eateries in Greenville.”

Now, you will see a lot of results.However, you will notice that the results which come No. 1 are in Google maps as a separate box.

Here is what you have to do to make money with Google Maps.

Step 1: Find local businesses that are not registered with Google.

Step 2: Go to Google My Business and register them.

Step 3: Call the local business and show tell that that you have registered their business for Free on Google and explain to them how their competitors are getting more customers.

Step 4: Offer to rank their business on the top 3 spots in the Google search results.

Step 5: Close the deal with a price range between $100 to $150. Take $50 as advance, and they are most likely to agree since you have provided value upfront.

Step 6: Go to Fiverr and pay someone to rank the local business on Google for a specific search term. It should cost you around $10 to $15.That’s it!

Now show them the results and collect your fee.

Rinse and repeat, soon you will have more ideas to up-sell them with other services like lead generation, ranking videos on YouTube, etc…​

Make Money As Search Engine Evaluator

This is more like a proper part-time job, and you must take some training and pass an exam to qualify for this work.

There are companies like leapforce and Lionbridge that hire people to manually check and correct search results and select the most relevant result for the users.

Though Google has its own advanced AI bot that does this job, sometimes even the bots cannot find the relevant content for the users.

In those situations, humans come to fill the gaps.

If this is something of your interest, apply for the companies mentioned above and start taking their training.

Based on your geographical location, you can expect a pay anywhere between $10 to $20 per hour.

Make Money As A Blogger

Blogger is a platform provided by Google to encourage people to create content quickly without any technical skills.

Using WordPress is easy, but it has a little bit of technical stuff and has a learning curve.

So, for people who are just trying to figure out things, can start with blogger.

It is easy to use and free, but it has fewer features and flexibility compared to WordPress based websites.

Moreover, it’s always good to have your website on your own hosting.

So even when Google shuts down the program, you are not safe.

Nowadays starting your own blog is easy and you can get your own domain and host for just $3.75 per month with Bluehost.

Blogging is a full-time business, and anyone who treats it like that is making millions online.

It is way better than the traditional business, and you need to invest some time and work up front, and after that, it’s almost passive.

For beginners, I will definitely recommend Bluehost to start their website or blog as they have the lowest price in the market.

If you are not worried about the budget, then I will suggest you use SiteGround.

Make Money On YouTube

If you are willing to create videos, then YouTube is the best platform.

I have my YouTube channel, and if you are in 2019, it’s still the best time.

I see that YouTube recommended videos (aka browse notification) a lot in 2019.

They have made changes to the algorithm, and 2019 is the best time to start your YouTube channel.

Especially if you are in an evergreen niche like health, wealth or fitness, you can make a lot of money using YouTube.

Here you can read the different ways to monetize your YouTube channel.

Make Money Online With Google AdSense

The most common one is Google’s advertising platform which has provided a lot of people an income they could rely on for a living.

If you are a blogger or making YouTube videos, you can become a partner with Google AdSense.

There are some eligibility criteria to become a partner with Google AdSense, but it is not severe.

Being a partner, you will be paid each time someone is shown an ad on your blog or YouTube videos.

The CMP varies with different factors like audience location, your niche, etc.

A user from a tier 1 location like the USA visits a content in a highly competitive niche like make money online, you can make a lot of income.

Of course, if someone clicks the ad, you can make even more money, but that depends on the type of ads.

Usually, retargeting ads get more clicks, and if you bring in the right audience, you are all set to make some serious cash.

Make Money With App Development

Nowadays creating an app is as simple as drag and drop a few things on a screen.

Websites like appypie.com help users in creating apps quickly and easily.

Their inbuilt drag and drop feature helps to add and arrange elements within a screen quickly

And also gives a complete look and feel of how it will appear on a device.

There are two ways to make money with these apps on Google play store.

You can either give it away for free and make money through ads or sell it for a price.

The key here is to find trending apps and see if you can improve any feature and release your own version with better quality and price.

Even a simple app like finding viral photos on Instagram can make you can a lot of money.

Building an app is very simple and easy, the challenging part is to find a trending app and ideas to market the app.

Make Money With SEO

Search engine optimization is there since 2003, and it is still popular.

The reason being is Google keeps updating its algorithm and all the business owners want their website to rank on page 1.

More and more businesses are moving online, and there are lots of opportunities to offer SEO as a service.

In case you are new to the term SEO, it is basically optimizing a website or a blog to move up in the google search result pages.

This is a great opportunity, and there are multi-millionaires in this space.

If you are serious about SEO, I will encourage you to focus on learning that and keep updating yourself thoroughly.

This will require you to keep learning new things, and if you are willing to do so, you can learn more about SEO at neilpatel.com

Make Money Online With Google AdWords

Many companies don’t want to keep updating their website according to the new Google algorithm updates.

Instead, they are willing to spend money on ads to show their website on page 1 for a particular keyword or phrase.

However, there is one problem with that, the companies do not know to run ads.

Here is where you can help them in managing their ad campaigns.

You can learn a lot about AdWords on YouTube, or you can watch some tutorials provided by Google itself.

I will encourage you to do certification on AdWords if you are planning to acquire clients for managing their campaign.

Having a certificate will increase your credibility to get your first few clients.

Once you start providing them results, you can make a huge income.

When I say huge, I mean you will get a percentage of the money in sales brought through your ad campaigns.


All these methods work, and some require no skill and others require acquiring a very minimal skill to make money online with Google.

If you are looking to make some side income, go with simple methods.

In case you are looking for some life-changing income, learn a skill that I mentioned and start taking action.

I wish you all the best for your online journey.

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