How Do You Respond To A Buyer Request On Fiverr? (5 Things to Specify)

A lot goes into bidding for a buyer’s request on Fiverr, but the overlooked aspect of the bid is often the highly essential aspect.

I say overlooked because many sellers do not feel it is necessary, they think that the information on their gigs is enough to land them the job.

That is not always true.

In Fiverr, the difference between those who make more profit and those who do not is how do they respond to a buyer’s request.

Do not be lazy about your response. 

A clear, concise, and creative response by a seller to a buyer will win the bid over a random response in any circumstance.

So, I recommend having a template that you can tweak to fit the job description you are bidding for.

Below are some tips to keep in mind when you respond to a buyer request on Fiverr.

Writing a perfect buyer response on Fiverr

Proofread Before Sending

There is nothing worse than sending a buyer request with grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Most buyers are from English speaking countries and most sellers are form a non-english speaking country.

If you are reading this you may be from a non-English speaking country but good at English.

However, it’s common to make errors even for a person who is fluent in English.

So, it is always a smart move to use some proofreading tool to check for any errors and then send the request to the buyer.

This is very important and that’s why I kept this info at the beginning.

Introduce yourself

The first thing to do is to tell the buyer who you are. 

Start by telling the buyer your name, where you come from, and what you do. 

Do not lie about this. 

If you do not feel comfortable about sharing what you do, you can just tell the buyer your name.

Tell why you should be hired

Point out the skills you have that will convince the buyer that you capable of doing the job in question excellently. 

For instance, you can point out that you have a proper understanding and application of SEO if it is an article for a blog post. 

Give the buyer insight on how you intend to do the job; say something like, “I would love to work on this job because I know what you are looking for.”

Back your claim with data. 

Sharing some of your same work is a great idea. However, make sure that you are not sharing any Copywrite materials of your previous clients.

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Specify the delivery duration

Responding to the buyer’s request with your delivery timeline will give a positive signal about your commitment.

Do not bid for a job you do not have the time to take care of. 

The amount of time it takes to complete a job depends on the task in question and your efficiency. 

So, analyze the work thoroughly and provide a precise delivery time in your response.

Mention about revisions

Including the number of revisions you are willing to do while responding will set clear expectations and smooth delivery.

Personally, I recommend that you offer unlimited revisions then go on to do an excellent job. 

When you offer buyers unlimited revisions, they feel more secure.  

If you do a great job, the chances are low that your buyer will ask for a revision. 

Charge Reasonably

Respond to the buyer’s request with a rate worth your time and efforts, at the same time, worth the buyer’s money.

So be as moderate as possible when it comes to billing your buyer, especially if he/she does not have a set price but gives you an open cheque. 

Do not view it as an opportunity to go as high as possible; instead, stick with your rates. Be as moderate as possible. If the buyer has a set price, stick with it.

If you do a great job, your buyer may give you an extra tip, but do not ever ask for one.

Be courteous 

Say thanks, cheers, or mention that you look forward to working with her/him.

That’s it.

If you follow the above five tips when responding to a buyer request, you will most likely win the order.