How To Get Your Teespring URL In Under 10 Seconds?

In this article, I am going to show you how to get your Teespring URL in a step by step manner.

Note that you should already have a store created. Having a couple of products does not mean that you have a Teespring store.

But do not worry, I have started from creating a storefront to finding your URL.

So make sure to read and follow along my step by step instruction.

Find the URL of your Teespring store

Here are the steps to find your Teespring URL.

Step 1: Create/View your storefront

If you have not started, go ahead and create your storefront. In case you have a store, then click on storefronts to view your list of stores.

And then select your store for which you need the URL and proceed to step 5.

If you are new, then click on Get Started to create your storefront.

create store front-1
Start by creating your storefront.

Step 2: Name your storefront

Now in the window, provide a meaningful name to your storefront and click “Create Store”.

Name your storefront.

Step 3: Add products to your store

Once you have created our store, add the products that you have already from the left side window.

Tip: Brand your store by adding products in a specific niche. This way, it will be easy when you promote your store on social media.

add products-3
Add products to your store.

Step 4: Go to your store

After adding the products, click “Go to store” button to view your store.

go to store-4
Go to your store

Step 5: Locate your Teespring URL

Now you should be able to view your store with all the products and you should be able to get the Teespring URL in the address bar of your browser.

find url here
Get your teespring store url

You have successfully found your Teespring URL.

Do you know you can change and customize your Teespring URL?

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