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How To Delete Survey Junkie Account?


There is a lot of confusion around unsubscribing and deleting Survey Junkie account.

In this article, I have explained in detail on how to delete Survey Junkie account correctly.

Or unsubscribe from them, if that is what you are looking for.

I have also covered the essential things to do before closing your Survey Junkie account.

So make sure to read the article completely, which will hardly take 2 minutes.

or watch the step by step video below:

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What is unsubscribing form Survey Junkie?

First, let's look at what is unsubscribing from Survey Junkie to see if this would help you.

Here is how it works!

Once you create an account with Survey Junkie, you will be subscribed to receive survey opportunities for you.

Daily, you will receive emails about the upcoming surveys which you can take and earn money.

However, sometimes it may be annoying, and you just want to take it up whenever you log into your account.

In this case, it is best to unsubscribe from their email list and still keep your Survey Junkie account.

To unsubscribe, you simply need to click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of their email.

This process will take up to 10 days, and after that, you are unsubscribed.

As I mentioned earlier, this will not cancel your Survey Junkie account, but instead, you will opt out of their daily emails.

What if you want to delete your account permanently?

I have covered that in the below section.

How to delete Survey Junkie account permanently?

You can cancel or permanently delete your account by submitting a form available at the support section. Here is the link Survey Junkie support.


Once they received your email request to delete your account, they will initiate the process and all your data will be deleted.

There are a couple of important things to note here:

  • Once your account is deleted, it cannot be reinstated. That means you will lose all your data along with your points that are not redeemed.

     So before you close your account, make sure to redeem all the          points that you have earned.

  • In case you want to join again, you will have to open a new account with a different email address.

Bonus information on account deletion

Older accounts with good survey history have more survey opportunities and better-earning surveys.

So it is always best to leave that account if you do not want to use it and come back later if you feel like.

In case the emails that you receive are bothering you, just unsubscribe from their list and keep your Survey Junkie account.

That is how to delete survey junkie account.

Here are some additional questions and answers that may help you!

Can you redeem only a portion of your points?

There is also other information which no one talks about.

You know that you need $10 to withdraw to your PayPal account. Also, did you know that you cannot withdraw partially?

For example, if your account has $37 you have to withdraw it altogether.

In case you wish to spend $10 on e-gift cards, then you should first do that and then withdraw the remaining to your PayPal account.

So try to withdraw all the money in all possible ways before you think on "how to delete survey junkie account." 

Why waste our hard-earned money?

Now, let's look at another vital factor.

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Do you have to pay taxes?

If you are a U.S resident, then you will have to fill up their form to become compliant with the taxes. This is applicable if you are making more than $600.

If you are outside of the U.S, it is your responsibility to pay your taxes as per your state and country.

So when you cancel the survey junkie account, make sure to close all your taxes as well.

Thanks for reading my article. Please let me know your experience with Survey Junkie in the comments below.

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Tanya Byrd says

I need my account deleted so I can reopen it with a different email…

    Sid MJ says

    You can delete your account by submitting a form mentioned in this article.

    Let me know if that helps.

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