How does Ibotta work? Things you should know before using it

Ibotta works by providing cashback when you shop online or in-store.

For in-store rebates, you need to use their application and for online shopping rebates, you can either use their chrome extension or shop through their mobile app.

Now let’s look into it in detail.

Earn cashback when you shop online.

You can use the Ibotta mobile app or using their chrome extension on your desktop.

When using your mobile, you will need to shop through their application to unlock offers and earn cashback.

While using their chrome extension, you can avail cashback when purchasing through their online retailers they have partnered with.

Dominos, Cabela’s, Petco are some of the popular online retailers where you can shop and earn cashback on Ibotta.

Earn cashback when you shop in-store.

You can earn cashback on your in-store purchases, by uploading purchase receipts or by paying through the Ibotta app.

Currently, pay with Ibotta is available at 50+ retailers where you can pay with Ibotta by linking your credit or debit card and get instant 10% cashback on the entire purchase.
Also, when you upload the receipt, you get more rebates on the individual product offers.
To save more money, make sure to visit stores that have a “pay by Ibota” option.

How does Ibotta work in Walmart?

It works the same way in all the stores. All you need to do is first to find the deal and buy the product. Then scan the QR code on the receipt and upload it to the Ibotta app.
The cashback amount will be credited to your account.

How does Ibotta work at restaurants?

You can use Ibotta when dining at restaurants, and to avail cashback, you need to scan and upload the receipt as usual. However, you can avail cashback only from the list of restaurants Ibotta has currently partnered with.

How does Ibotta worth with Amazon?

To avail cashback on Amazon products, you will need to go through the offers available inside the Ibotta application. You cannot make the purchase directly on Amazon and claim rebate on Ibotta.

So make sure to check if the offer is available on Ibotta and make a purchase inside the Ibotta app.

How does Ibotta work with returns?

Let’s say that you have purchased a few products from a retail store, and then for some reason, you had to return the items. In that event, it’s wise to inform Ibotta and get a refund in the form of cash or points from your retailer based on their return policy.

In a nutshell, this is how Ibotta works.

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