How Do I Change My Default Product On Teespring? (In 4 Clicks)

Default products on Teespring are specific to a listing and not to a store. To change the default product that shows up in your store, you have to make the changes on your listing.

The option is not intuitive but it is a very simple process to change the default product.

In this article, I have covered the steps with screenshots to change the default product on Teespring.

Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Go to your dashboard

Log in to your Teespring store and click on the dropdown arrow next to your email address and select “Home” for the menu list.

Select Teespring Home to go to the dashboard

This will take you to the Teespring dashboard where you will find all the required information.

Edit Teespring Listing

On your Teespring dashboard, navigate to the listing section then go to your Teespring listing and click the “Edit details” button to access the details page of your Teespring listing.

Edit Teespring listing

Change Default Product Of Your listing

Now on the listing details section, locate the “Default product in listing” option and use the drop-down to change the default product.

Change default product on teespring listing

After choosing the product form the dropdown, click save to apply the changes to your listing.

Click View Changes

Finally click view changes to see the new default product showing up on your listing.


You have successfully changed the default product on your Teespring listing and the same will reflect on your Teespring store as well.

If you have multiple listings then you will have to repeat the above steps for all the listings.

Can you assign a default product to listing while creating?

Currently, there is no option to assign a default product to the listing during the creation process like adding a listing to an existing Teespring store.

You can do that only through the listing details section.

When should you change the default product on Teespring?

Most traffic that comes to the Teespring store is from social media and they have a short attention span.

So, it is important to have the right product in front of your audience to drive more sales.

That is why you should always split test and find a winning product that you can set as a default product for your listing.

Which product should you keep as default on Teespring?

You should keep a product that fits your audience’s needs. For example, if most of your audience are women then it makes sense to keep a Women’s T-shirt as a default product than a men’s T-shirt.

In addition to that, you should also check which products are selling well and use that information to optimize your default product selection.


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