10 Steps To Become A Freelance Writer On Fiverr And Make Money

Are you thinking of becoming a freelance writer on Fiverr and earn some extra income from home?

In this post, I am going to cover ten steps that will help you become a content writer on Fiverr even if you have never tried it before.

But before that, make sure to open an account on Fiverr to follow along with me.

Become a writer on Fiverr Today

Here are the steps to become a freelance writer on Fiverr.

Step 1: Narrow Down Your Service

When you are writing on Fiverr it is important to narrow down your options since there are plenty of writers out there.

Offering a writing service in a wide niche may no attract a lot of buyers since they will most likely choose a freelance with a lot of positive reviews.

However, if you narrow it down to a specific niche like fashion, finance, fiction, food, etc you will a good chance of getting more eyeballs to your gig.

In addition to that, you will also be able to cut down on research time when you work on a single niche or industry.

Step 2: Optimize Your Profile And Gig

It is crucial to create a Fiverr profile that looks professional and an SEO optimized gig as they are the foundation to become a successful content writer on Fiverr.

You can create a professional-looking Fiverr account by writing a good profile description and uploading a photo of yourself or something related to your service.

And writing a Fiverr gig that is SEO friendly is not complex. All you have to do is understand what your successful competitors are doing and model their success.

I have covered an article on how to write a Fiverr gig title here and you can find some examples of gig tile and profile description below:

Doing the above two steps will definitely get you orders on Fiverr. 

Now let’s see how to complete the order successfully and make money from Fiverr as a writer.

Step 3: Learn To Research

Remember nothing is original. Even ideas that seem to pop from nowhere in our heads are a result of interactions of things we learned before. 

There is so much information and ideas out there. 

When you want to write on a topic, as a content writer, it is better to research on that topic as much as you can before you write.

This process will not take you a lot of time if you are writing in a niche that you are already familiar with or passionate about.

Step 4: Outline your work

Once you have gathered enough information, the next step is to come up with an outline for your article.

In some cases, you will receive specific instructions on how you should structure the article in the requirement section that you had asked for. In such scenarios, follow the outline provided by the buyer.

If you did not receive any specific instruction on the article structure, I would recommend you create a framework before writing.

Answer questions like –  will this content include a headline? If so, how many? 

And what will they be? 

Who am I writing for? 

How many words do you intend to write? 

The outline is not meant to constrain you, it should only serve as a guide and can change during the process.

After you have outlined your content, it will be easy to write as the content is now divided into multiple sections.

Step 5: Avoid Distraction

This may sound a bit out of topic but it is one of the important factors to complete the work on time.

Also to write meaningful work that can resonate with the readers, you need to starve yourself of unnecessary distractions that will affect your thought process and hurt your chances of producing high-quality content.

Step 6: Proofread and Edit

Editing is not the most fun part of writing but it is vital. Content writers around the world estimate that they spend roughly 75% of their writing time on editing. 

Proofreading is important especially if you intend to write as a freelancer on Fiverr since y incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes can affect your ratings.

Fortunately, you can use any of the proofreading software like Grammarly and fix errors while writing.

As an alternative, you can ask someone else to read it once and fix any errors before you deliver the content.

Step 7: Be kind to yourself

The world of content writing is characterized by deadlines and writer’s block. 

It is easy to feel pressurized by the effort to meet your standards and that of your client. 

While this pressure is good because it helps to keep you focused, avoid overthinking and overanalyzing. 

Doubting your abilities only reduces your effectiveness. When you experience a block, accept it, relax, and work your way out of it. 

Content writing is a creative process, not a mechanical one!

Step 8: Learn from the pros

It is good practice to share your work with friends and families.

However,  if you want to improve you need to interact with other content writers through support groups, or social media platforms like Facebook groups, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

Try to establish a rapport before you seek help.

Step 9: Writers are Readers

No doubt about this. 

You will never see a writer who doesn’t read a lot. Cultivate the habit of reading books. 

There are many ways you can read today. Find what works for you. Reading will help you imbibe writing styles from other writers.

Step 10: Sell yourself

Finally, to become a content writer on Fiverr, you will need to promote your service to the relevant audience. 

Take the giant step to apply for volunteer writing, or open a writing portfolio on free platforms like medium.com or create a Quora space.

You can also take it to the next level by launching your own blog.

It’s when you take some giant leaps that push you out of your comfort zone that’s when you truly grow.

It’s always tough to get the first client in any industry but once you get it, it’s a snowball effect.

These are the steps to become a freelance writer on Fiverr and make money from your home.

Related Questions:

How much do writers make on Fiverr?

Top writers on Fiverr make anywhere from $500 to $1000 per month. However, on average writers on Fiverr earn less than $100 per month. If you are a beginner you can expect to earn $30 to $50 per month.

Is Fiverr good for writers?

Fiverr is good for beginner writers or writers who do not get a consistent work order. However, if you are an experienced writer and writing full-time then it is recommended to check the Fiverr fee as a seller and make the right decision.

Is it too late to start on Fiverr as a writer?

You can get started on Fiverr as a writer at any given time and nothing is too late. The important factor to become a successful freelance writer on Fiverr is your quality of work.