8 Places to find items to resell in 2023

Finding items to resell on eBay or Amazon is easy. 

However, you should know all the different places to buy stuff because in some places you can buy items in bulk and get a discount.

While in other places you may get cheap items that you can resell for a good profit.

So in this article, I am going to cover ten places to find items to flip on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or any other online marketplace and make money off of it.

List of places to buy items to resell

Thrift stores

Well, Thrift stores are always one of the best places to buy stuff and resell online.

Goodwill, value village, salvation army, are all great places to get items to resell.

If you have no idea about thrift stores,

It is a place where they sell used items to raise funds for charitable institutes.

Probably you would remember dropping new or used items in a box at your office location.

All these items from different places come to the Thrift store, where they sell to raise funds.

The items that you buy in thrift stores can be resold for twice the price on eBay.

One drawback is finding the right products.

Yes, due to the popularity among the flippers, the good ones get sold out even before you approach.

So make sure to visit quite often if you want to find the best items to flip.

Want Ads

Putting out want ads is another great strategy to get items to resell.

The quality of the product will be good since you are directly dealing with the customers, and most of them will not know that you are going to flip it for profit.

The best part is you just need to clean the item since they are already in good condition and sell it online at an excellent profit margin.

So to get started, all you need to do is to put up an ad on a Facebook group, Craigslist, and the people will start calling you, wanting to sell their stuff.

Trust me, want Ads are underutilized, and you should definitely give it a try when looking to buy quality items.

Garage sale

Garage sale or a yard sale is the most common and popular place to look for items to resell.

Mostly it happens on weekends, and these are one of the most sought after places for buying cheap items.

In these sales, you will find a lot of items for a meager price, and sometimes you can nail an item for a good deal.

However, there will be a lot of competition since everyone knows they can get cheap items and make quick money reselling.

So make sure to visit early and stay there for the whole day because they keep bringing in more stuff.

There is a lot more to it when sourcing from garage sales, and you can watch a ton of videos on that.

I will leave it here for you to do further research on this topic and move onto the fourth one.

Flea Market

If you want to have more options before listing your items, then it’s a good idea to visit a flea market.

Like a Facebook marketplace, you will find lots of people who are reselling stuff they purchased in the yard sales.

However, those people in the flea marketplace are professionals and older generation people who do not use the online marketplace.

They know what items sell the best and you need not do a lot of research on whether this product will sell or not.

Which is something I like about flea markets.

So give it a try! Don’t be surprised when you find an amazing item.

Consignment stores

Consignment stores are typically gonna be a great opportunity for clothing and for some unique items that can be very profitable.

You can also find some nice board games and books in consignment stores and those you can flip for a good profit.

So, in these stores you can find quality items but at the same time you may have to spend more money.

On the positive side, the competition here will be pretty less, which makes it a go-to option when you have some money to reinvest into your business.


Many people think that pawnshops have kinda died out, but still, you can find some good items, especially video games and resell them at a good profit.

It’s a little bit hard to find stuff on pawn shops and sell on Amazon, but you can flip them for decent money on eBay.

Whatever may be the case you will need some decent negotiation skills to get a good deal else sometimes you will end up losing some money.

So make sure to bargain and get a good deal if you are sourcing items from Pawnshops.

one of the best tips for negotiating at a pawn shop is to get a bunch of products together and then ask for a deal on them.

Facebook Marketplace

When people are moving out, they put a lot of items on Facebook marketplace for a dirt-cheap price.

So definitely go check for items to flip on Facebook groups.

However, you simply go to be quick in buying things.

Make sure you join some Facebook marketplace groups and stay active.

When you see something pops-up, go and grab it.

Local Marketplace

Craigslist is a great place to source items to flip.

You can go to a specific category locally in your area and start refreshing your page.

I have seen many people buying and flipping bicycles off of Craigslist.

All you have to do is go to the bikes category and keep refreshing the page. 

When you find something, drive to the place, buy it, clean it, and resell on eBay.

That’s it for now.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and found a couple of places to buy things to resell on eBay.

I’ll make sure to keep updating this post with new opportunities to buy items to flip. So, please keep visiting.

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