How To Create A Banner For Teespring? (Perfect On Mobile And Desktop)

In this article I am going to demonstrate how to create a banner for Teespring very quickly and easily.

A generic Teespring banner which looks good on a desktop screen may not look the same on a mobile screen.

So, you need to create a Teespring banner considering the final output on small devices as well.

But don’t worry, I have got you covered.

I am going to take you through a step by step tutorial on creating a banner that fits perfectly on small devices like mobile and tablets.


Teespring Banner Makers

Let’s look at some of the Teespring banner makers available in the market.

  • Canva
  • Photopea
  • Over By Godaddy
  • Google Slides
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Affinity Photo/Designer

To keep it simple for everyone, in this tutorial, I will use Canva to create the banner since it is an online tool that is simple and intuitive.

If you wish to follow along with me then launch the below websites and keep it ready to start creating the banner for your Teespring store.

In addition to the above list, go here and download the template provided by Teespring to create the banner.

That’s it now you have all the resources you need for creating a banner.

How Do You Make A Banner On Teespring?

Follow the below three steps to create the banner and upload to your Teespring store.

Create A Mockup

First, You are going to create a mockup for your designs to put on the banner and you are going to use Placeit for that.

Start by going to Placeit and click on Mockups from the menu, select T-shirts and choose a shirt mockup from the list.

You can use the filter to just view the free mockups and choose the one you like.

Note: You can select any mockup based on the product that you are selling in your Teespring shop. For this example, I am using a T-shirt mockup.

After you have decided the mockup, click on it to open the mockup generator.

Now click the upload button to add one of your T-shirt designs to the mockup.

Then go to the background color and choose a transparent background and click the download button to save the mockup to your computer.

That’s it. You have successfully completed the first step and you have a mockup ready to be uploaded to your banner design in step two.

Make The Banner

To design your banner you are going to use Canva.

First create a Canva account or login to your existing account and create a custom design.

The size of the teespring banner is 1650 X 600 Pixels so make sure your Canva design is of the same size and then click “Create new design” button.

In the next window, go to the “Elements” section, click on a rectangle under shapes and resize it to fit the whole canvas.

Then choose a color for your banner that goes well with your mockup.

After that go to the uploads section and upload the mockup that you downloaded from Placeit.


Again go to the upload section and upload the Teespring banner template from your computer and add it to the canvas.

You need this template because you have to make sure that the important elements are in the Safe Zone and they don’t get cut when viewing on small devices.

Now select the banner template, click the “Position” button and send the template to the back by clicking “Backward” thrice.

Then select the rectangle and reduce the opacity so you can see the template in the back.

Now resize the mockup and ensure it is placed within the safe zone.

Finally increase the transparency back to 100%.

That’s it. You have successfully created your Teespring banner that is mobile friendly.

Click the download button and to save the banner to your computer.

Now you are in the last step which is uploading and it is very important as few items have to be done correctly on Teespring.

Upload The Banner

Go to your Teespring account, navigate to the stores section and launch the store editor from your store.

In the store editor, go to the “Hero banner” section and upload the design from the defaults tab and click save.

Hurrah! You have successfully uploaded the banner to your Teespring store.

Tip: To make your store look professional, add a custom domain to your store.

The “SUMMER SALE” text you see in the image is added on Canva using text boxes. However, you can make them directly on Teespring, which I will show you in the next steps.

Now let’s look at some of the common issues and solutions.

Banner looking too small on mobile!

If you upload your banner from the defaults tab then it will look small on mobile like below.

To fix the issue, go to the advanced tab and then click save so the banner fits the mobile screen well.

Here I have created the text designs on Canva so I have left the title, subtitle and body fields blank.

If you have not added the text on Canva you can add it here but you may have to adjust the position of your mockup accordingly in canva and reupload the banner.

So, I recommend you to create the text as well in Canva and we won’t have any issues since we are making sure it is in the safe zone.

However, as an alternative, you can also add text using the options provided in the “Advanced” section of the hero banner.

Below are three options and their position on the screen.

  • Title: Takes the center position of the screen
  • Subtitle: It appears above the title
  • Body: It appears below the title
  • Button Text: It appears at the bottom

You can add a product or a list link to the button text, so people can directly go to that page.

Tip: Add a black overlay to your banner design with 40% opacity to highlight the white color text you have added via Teespring. In general, just make sure you are using a darker color on a lighter banner and vice versa.


That’s it, you have successfully created and uploaded a great looking banner on to your Teespring store.