How To Change Font Size On Teespring? (Step By Step Instruction)

In Teespring, font size is not available as a dropdown option with visible font numbers to change the size.

However, the feature they have is not complicated either.

In fact, changing font size of Teespring is simple and I’ll be showing you how to do it with step by step instruction.

Also, I have some recommendations for you in this article that will definitely help you in creating designs for your products.

Video tutorial to change font size when designing on Teespring

Here are the steps to change the font size on Teespring.

Step 1: Log into Teespring

Go to and log into your Teespring account.

Step 2: Go to design mode

Navigate to the storefront that contains the products for which you would like to change the font size.

In case, you do not have a store and are designing from scratch, select a product from the list of products and move to the design mode.

Tip: Having a store is vita when sharing your designs on social media. Here is how you can create and customize your store URL

Step 3: Start designing

Once you are in the Teespring designer page, use the text box tool to start typing.

Do not worry about the size of the text as we can shrink it later.

Step 4: Change font size

After you have created the text design, you can make the text bigger or smaller by pulling the triangle at the right-hand corner.

If you want to increase the font size, pull the triangle from inside to outside, and to reduce the font size, you need to pull it from outside to inside.

Change font size on Teespring

Yes, there is no numbering option to control it accurately but that is something Teespring has provided right now when it comes to designing on their platform.

However, if you would like to have more flexibility and feature, I recommend using an online tool like Placeit or vexels where you can quickly create designs and also use their pre-made design templates.

This is how you can change the font size on Teespring.