How Do You Change The Default Color On Teespring?

Want to change your Teespring products default color?

You can have multiple colors enabled for your T-shirt or any other product on your Teespring store.

However, you can only have one color as a default color and oftentimes, you may want to change it in the future.

So, in this article, I am going to take you through the exact steps from start to finish, choosing multiple colors for your product to changing the default color of the product.

Let’s get started.

Change default color on Teespring for published products

Here are the steps to change the default color on Teespring.

Step 1: Choose your product

If you are just getting started, fist you need to choose a product to start designing.

1-choose product
Choose your products for designing the work.

Step 2: Make your design

After you pick the product, the next step is to start designing.

You can use the intuitive designing tool provided by Teespring to quickly design and upload to the product.

2-create your design
Create your design on Teespring.

Step 3: Choose product colors

Pick the colors you would like to apply to your product. These are the colors that will be available for the buyer to choose from when viewing your product.

3-choose your colors
Choose the colors for your product.

Step 4: Add relevant products

The next step is to add all the products that fit the design and continue to make the final changes.

4-add products
Add all the products for the design.

Step 5: Change the default color

Here you can add the product description, choose the default color for the product and review all the details before publishing.

So, in this section make sure to finalize the default color and change the color on your Teespring product if required.

To change the color, click the edit button.

5-click edit
Edit and modify the colors for your product.

Step 6: Save changes

Select the default color of the product and click done.

6-choose your default color
Choose or change your product default color on Teespring.

Step 7: Publish the listing

Publish the listing with the desired default color to the Teespring store.

change teespring default color
Publish the listing.

You have successfully changed the default color on Teespring and published the listing.

Do you know, you can also change your Teespring URL?