Does anyone use Fiverr? My personal experience

I am a regular user of Fiverr and would like to share my experience in this article.

If you are new to Fiverr, it is a platform that connects freelancers with the service seekers. There are around 11,000,000 who found their freelance match in minutes.

So there are millions of people who are using Fiverr to buy and sell services.

I have used Fiverr both to buy Gigs and also sell Gigs and had a good experience on the platform.

Let’s dive in.

Using Fiverr as a seller

In 2017, when I first started to look for opportunities to make some extra income online, Fiverr was one of them.

I started creating a couple of simple Gigs since spending too much time for $5 is useless.

Also, at the same time, me starting as a newbie, I did not have the reviews or the required skills to get my first order on Fiverr.

So, creating a $5 Gig was the best bet I could take.

As a beginner, I did some research on optimizing my profile, Gig description and title to rank on the Fiverr search result.

In a few weeks, one of my Gigs got around 1000 impressions and a few inquiries to my Inbox.

That Gig was about proving trending products to sell on Shopify.

It was easy because, at that time, I could quickly search up on FaceBook to find the best product ads and recommend them.

I did pretty well with that Gig and was able to add some Gig extras. However, I was not happy with the money that I made through the Gig.

Because Fiverr takes a good percentage of my earnings and after the PayPal fee, it’s hardly pennies that I was taking home.

I am not trying to talk bad about Fiverr, but basically, my idea was just to get started with Fiverr and move on to something that could generate a nice passive income.

Wrap-up as a seller

If you are planning to be your own boss and be a freelancer, Fiverr is definitely a great place to get started and get an overall perspective of the freelancing industry.

Using Fiverr as a Buyer

Recently I was using Fiverr to order software creation and article writing services.

Honestly, I had an outstanding experience with respect to software services on Fiverr. 

You will find software sellers on Fiverr for a meager price. 

However, you have to spend some time reading the reviews and messaging them to convey your requirements.

My other orders were mostly article writing and proofreading. I was trying to find article writers under $20, and that was a big mistake.

The quality of the article was pathetic, and those people do not have experience in a particular niche. All they did was to rewrite the content that was already available.

And also, I used a proofreader on Fiverr that did a great job in proofreading a 3000-word article for just $7.

So I had a mixed experience when it comes to using Fiverr as a buyer. Mostly it has to do with the expectation. 

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Wrap-up as a buyer

Fiverr is a perfect place to order services, especially services that fall into graphics and designs.

You will find tons of good deals on logo creation, making YouTube thumbnails, etc.

Not just that, there are Gigs available for almost anything that you wish.

My only suggestion is to do proper research and convey your requirements upfront before placing the order.

This way, you will have a clear idea of what to expect.

That’s it. 

So, without a doubt, there are plenty of people using Fiverr daily.

I hope you found some value from this article. 

If yes, please share it with your friends and family.

See you in the next one.



Things to know:

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